This is apparently Bradley Cooper and Renee McLemonSucker pulling in to check into a Beverly Hills hotel together.

This is what I’m guessing they’re thinking:

Renee:  OMG I have no idea how I ever thought Bradley Cooper would stay interested in me, what with my impossibly perpetually puckered sour facial expression and all. 

Bradley:  I should have picked Aniston.

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  • el pato

    and now she’s been involved in a car crash.
    the picture of her in this story is typical of her.
    hand on hip, trying to look “pouty”.

  • Buckeye Bob

    el pato, it has nothing to do with this post but did you notice the article on the wreck said someone made an “Illegal U-turn” and hit her car but they also said no citations were issued. How can they not ticket someone? Oh well, the photo of her in the other article wasn’t too sweet either.

  • el pato

    bob, yeah, i noticed that too.
    is that a matter of ‘r.h.i.p?’

  • Missy

    Hon get a clue, Bradley being gay in an open secret in HW.