I Will Never Eat Cheetos Again


You can blame this one on Buckeye Bob. 🙂

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  • mga

    gees, bob….and i USED to love them things.

  • Buckeye Bob

    Wow, I knew they turned your fingers orange but I didn’t realize they did that to your ass.

  • cas

    THIS IS TERRIBLE! Thanks a lot Bob. I love Cheetos puffs. They are the best, now every time I open a bag I’ll be seeing these two lovely’s in my brain. THANKS, Thanks a lot!

  • Tina

    I won’t EVER be able to eat a Cheeto again without seeing this image in my head! Are these gals advertising that they ate strictly Cheetos to get this tubby? NOT good advertising!! Blech!

    Also, I’m glad I don’t tend to eat Cheetos anyway. I may indulge in a snack sized bag once a year with a Subway sandwich. I think I’ll switch over to something like baked Lays. =P

  • el pato


  • Mona

    Thanks Bob for ruining Cheetos! At least now I’ll be able to stay away from them…

  • Lyonella

    Cover that $h!t up! I don’t need to see Uber-cellulite like that!!! What I want to know is, when women are that morbidly obese, why do they insist on wearing clothing that only accentuates it? What happened to the MuuMuu’s????

  • Christine

    Just eat the smallest bag you can find.