Ashley Judd Is A Total Nutcase. In Related News, The Earth Is Round.


Apparently, other people are just now figuring out what I have been telling you mockdockers for like 2 years now – which is that Ashley Judd is a freaking LOON.

According to Us Weekly, Ashley is all settled in to the campus life at Harvard for her public administration classes, and she decided to invite a few chicks from one of her classes to her house for a “sharing circle.”  Because that is the kind of new-age nonsense that Ashley likes to take part in, when she’s not crying about wolves and wearing enormous pearls.

So, like normal college women, the invitees assumed they were going to a regular get-together.  What they neglected to take into account was that ASHLEY JUDD was hosting, which means “get-together” automatically translates into “forced social awkardness.”

Apparently, Uber-Feminist Ashley insisted that each girl stand up and give a personal monologue, and talk about themselves for a few minutes.  

I could almost see that, if after each girl were finished, they all got to chill out and be normal.  But after the monologues were complete, Ashley said, “Thank you all for coming” and then showed them the door.  What in the holy hell? 


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