Another Person Who Shouldn’t Be Allowed Near Spandex


What sort of pose is this?  I mean, who stands like this?  Ever?

You know what I’d like to do?  Present this woman with a good sports bra.

Sorry posting has been non-existent today, mockdockers.  Daisy and I spent the day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway watching the Moto GP race with our respective spousal units as well as Daisy’s precious stepson.  You should see the way her stepson cringes whenever he sees me, because he knows he won’t escape my hugs.  It’s simply not an option.  Mr. Daisy has kind of accepted the fact that I’m a hugger, but stepson Daisy still cringes.  Plus, he’s 15, so he’s at that age which makes it TOTALLY UNCOOL to be hugged by anyone over the age of, say, 18.

All of that makes me want to hug him even more.  🙂

I’m sure he’ll be extra excited that I’m telling the hugging story along with the above picture, too.

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  • Hatchetwoman

    Mock, you asked, “Who stands like this?” Well, she doesn’t. She’s half-sitting on a high stool. I think her muscles can’t take the weight of her leg, so she had to rest it on something. Either that, or the spandex started giving way, so she had to ease the tension by resting her leg.

  • Buckeye Bob

    Those are bicycle shorts. She’s obviously stretching before going for a long ride. As Freddie Mercury once said (about Fat Bottom Girls) “Get on your Bikes and Ride”

  • Daisy

    I’m sending this link to stepson right this second. Love.

  • meganyore

    Fat bottom girls! I’d like to see a bike that would support this much weight.
    i would also like to see some bleach on this womans awful roots.