You Know What’s Weird About Me?

I know what you’re thinking after reading that post heading.  You’re thinking, “Jeez Mock – we don’t have all night, here.”  And I realize that the list is long, but I thought I would share a PARTICULAR weirdness that I have, in the hopes that it would then encourage the rest of you to share YOUR weirdnesses, and then we could all just sort of hang out here at the Mock Dock and be weird together.

Ok, so here goes.

I prefer Swiss Cheese when it has lots of holes.


I know.

This is the part when you say, “Um..Mock – you’re aware that the more holes there are, the less Actual Cheese you’re getting, right?”  And here’s the thing.  I KNOW!!  And yet, I continue to prefer really holey cheese.  What IS that?

I’m not proud of it.  But it’s who I am, and I just felt like you ought to know. Like I owed it to you, in fact, to let you be aware of this oddity.

And you?  Any weirdnesses you’d like to share?  Come on, now.  Don’t leave a sister hangin’.

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  • jessy

    Well i like swiss cheese with big holes too it looks more appealing to the eye that way i guess. My weird thing is……well i have three. I am deathly afraid of opening biscuit cans (the kind you have peel open) its the suprise of it opening that scares me. And im afraid of changing out light bulbs im afraid theyll shatter in my hand. And playing pac man because im afraid of being chased.

  • Hatchetwoman

    One of my weirdnesses has to do with cheese, too.

    I love cheese. I love it so much that I often spread soft cheese on a slice of hard cheese to make a sort of open-faced cheese sandwich.

    I also can’t stand to get dressed while I’m damp from a shower or swimming. I’ll put on a robe – a very light robe, or I’ll wrap myself in my towel, but I HATE putting on my clothes while I’m still a little damp.

  • Olivia J. Snarkypants

    I hate showering. And brushing my teeth. I do both, on a daily basis; but I HATE that I have to do it. I wish I could just wash my hands and be magically clean and leg-shaven. I don’t even know what I have against it. It’s just a necessary evil to me.

  • ER

    Not being a swiss cheese fan I wouldn’t know, but I’m wondering if it alters the flavor by having more holes? I say this because I love shredded cheddar cheese, but I can’t stand to just pick up a hunk of cheddar and take a bite….Yes, it DOES taste different.

  • cassie

    I love Chedder more when its in chunk form…its sharper..and I love extra sharp better!
    I too hate showering…its not that getting clean isnt great…I love how I feel after a shower, but I hate all the energy it takes to shower, but I do it most days…Id say 98% of days…but I have three small children and some days I just dont find the time. I also hate to brush my teeth at night, but I LOVE to sleep with a fresh mouth. I hate the things we have to do over and over every day.
    but…I do love chedder cheese!

  • Tina

    I eat swiss cheese in a weird manner–I like to nibble all the cheese from around the holes, leaving what looks like cheese rubber bands, which I eat last. I’ve always done that, and still do. I love real, holey, swiss cheese, and not the fakey “looks like swiss cheese” stuff.

    I also can’t eat M&Ms without organizing them first–like colors with like colors, eating the brown first, followed by red, orange, yellow, green and blue. Always. Mmmm…..M&Ms!

  • R

    I have a fear of public restrooms. I carry toilet-seat covers in my purse (5 for $1 at WalMart and Target) for the emergency times when I can’t avoid them. I never touch door knobs or faucet knobs with my bare hands (paper towels rock) in a public restroom, either. If the restroom doesn’t have paper towels, I always have HandiWipes in my purse so that I can close, lock and open doors. And you’d be shocked at how well I can open or close a door with a foot if necessary. My child, however, is obsessed with public restrooms and always, always, always “has to go” when ever she sees one. The rule for her is, “Hands on your hips and don’t touch anything!” (Between us, I think she just likes to see Mommy’s public restroom acrobats!)

  • ER

    Tina – do you remember when the M&M’s pack had light brown (tan) in them? 🙂

  • Zachary

    I’m scared to death of pedestrians and dolphins. I lock my car doors any time I see a pedestrian. I do not swim in the ocean.

    I share R’s fear of restrooms, and agree that paper towels ROCK. I’m so scared of public restrooms that it isn’t funny. I go out of the way to use the least-used one just because I feel safer that way.

    I also don’t undress in front of anyone, no matter the gender.

    I can not eat Cheez Nips. Can not. Cheez-Its, yes. The difference is HUGE.

    Which reminds me, bottled waters DO NOT taste the same at all to me. The best-to-worst list goes as follows: SmartWater, Aquafina, Sam’s Choice, Dasani, Nestle, Deer Park. And I HATE Deer Park, it’s just the worst.

  • Larry

    I think I can go all you shower-haters one better. I hate to wash my hair.

    If I don’t wash it every morning, “I can’t do a thing with it.” I have bed-head (which is even worse than hat-head). So I HAVE to wash it. But for some reason I find it really boring and tedious.

    On days I’m really bothered by this, I just douse my head in rubbing alcohol, then dry off. I go out looking semi-washed.

    Maybe that’s why people stare.

  • DM

    As for showers, I take at least 3 a day (live on a ranch so a lot of outdoor work makes me dirty. But I LOVE to shower, love the clean feeling).

    I wash my bed sheets daily. I LOVE to clean the house. Also hate public toilets and won’t use them.

    Worst thing I won’t touch is a public pool. All the pee and poop in them is sickening, literally. Dallas had to shut down their pools last year from kids crapping in the pool and making people sick with cryptosporidiosis.

    So next time you swallow pool water beware!

  • Dani

    Tina, I do the same thing with my M&M’s. Except I eat the green ones last because that is my favorite color 🙂

    I do not eat chicken on the bone. Chicken cutlets? Fine. There is just something about eating meat off the bone that completely freaks me out.

    I also feel the same way about showering. Don’t get me wrong, I love to actually shower and feel clean, and I take one every day, but I hate the things I have to do after I’m showered. For example, I wish I had the kind of hair that dried nice naturally, because I absolutely hate blow drying my hair.

  • Tina

    ER–Now that you mention it, I DO remember M&Ms having tans ones! I had thought of that not long ago and wondered if I were going nuts. (Ever have those days when you just can’t get something inane like that off your mind? It was one of those thoughts…) I eat the blue ones last because that’s my favorite color. Before they added blue, I always ate green ones last, and, a few decades ago (ahem) when I was in school, the kids wouldn’t eat the green ones because “they made you horny” so I was always glad to eat those, with a huge grin on my face. Heck, I got free candy!! LOL

    Dani–my 14 yr old son won’t eat chicken off the bone, either. If I serve chicken legs, thighs or boned breasts, he’ll carefully cut the chicken off the bone befor eating it. He will do this to any boned meat. He won’t pick up the bone and nibble the meat off it.

  • genetics73

    To set the record straight – Mock is “adopted.” 🙂

    Just kidding.

    I also dislike public facilities, but when I absolutely MUST use them I always remember: “You can’t get a VD from a toilet seat, unless that is where you have been fooling around.” I mention that because VDs are nothing to clap about.

  • Linda

    I think it’s about the texture. For example pasta has a million different shapes, same recipe, different shapes and somehow some shapes taste better than other.:p Or maybe it’s just nutty people like you and me who think so.:p

  • Buckeye Bob

    Wow, you people are weird 🙂

  • genetics73

    A squirrel on a psychiatrist’s couch: “I’ve heard that you are what you eat, and I think I am going nuts!”

  • tep1031

    If someone drinks from my drink, then I won’t finish it. Even my spousal unit, who complains that we already share germs when we kiss, so it shouldn’t be any different, but it is.

    I agree with Zachary, Cheez-Its only, no Cheese Nips.

    Skittles by color, yellow & green go together, the others are separated.

  • cassie

    I love this group!

  • Zachary

    DM, I’m more worried about jizz in pools, to be quite frank. I know that’s disgusting, but (italics) think about it.

  • Punky

    I hate when public restrooms have no hand drying options except from the dirty towel you have to turn to try to find a clean spot. Eeew!!
    My weird thing I do is I have to sniif all food and drink items before I consume it. It drives my husband crazy!

  • Anonymous99

    I make chicken wings at home but I have to buy the kind that are already separated. I cannot stand the sound the bones make when I have to cut them apart. I’ve actually thrown out chicken before I’ve even cooked it because I’m so skeeved by the sound!

  • burning eyeballs

    Think this country is getting a tad on the OCD side.

  • Sondra

    My weird thing is that every time I say the word ‘actually’ out loud, I’m spelling it in my head. I have no idea why. But it happens every time I say it.

    I have to agree with the people who hate to shower. I do it, of course, but I don’t like it. Strange.

  • cas

    Dani, my boyfriend and my son have the same thing about meat on bones that you do. I have met many people who have that problem, so I think it is becoming more common.

    My weird thing that I have is to eat the ends on stuff first and the center last. ON EVERY THING. On Reeses’ I eat the crinkled ends first then the peanut butter chocolate center, have to. On sandwiches I eat all the crust all the way around first then the center. The same with crackers, fish sticks, everything it’s really weird. I’ve tried to stop but I still catch myself all the time?

  • jen

    this made my day. It also made me feel very very normal.

  • mlm

    I’m scared of squirrels. They’re filthy vermin and they move too fast. They’ll go straight for your neck!
    Also, if a piece of eggshell gets in my eggs without me knowing it, and I bite into it, feeling that crunch, the rest of the eggs go in the trash. Ewwww! Thinking about it gives me the willies.
    I hate drinking(soda)pop out of the can. I really, really want a cup with some ice in it. I will only drink from the can (or bottle!) as a last resort.
    I, too, hate the fact that I have to shave my legs, Olivia. I can’t wait until winter gets here! 🙂

  • JMD

    No “I am frightened of Clowns” people? BTW, Mock, I got over my love of holy Swiss and tried some with horseradish in it.