You totally know that’s what this little monkey is saying.  He’s either happily saying that it’s Friday, or he’s singing a Robbie Williams song. 

After work today I’m going to go visit Dame Aufschneider’s brand new baby girl!  I mean, I’m going to visit Dame too, and Mr. Dame, but mostly this is all about the brand new Baby Dame.   I am going to grab that baby and INHALE her head.  Perhaps I’ll return her, and perhaps not.  By the way, if you had fanified The Mock Dock on facebook (see bottom right corner of the main page here), then you’d have already known that baby Dame had arrived.  Facebook fans get the early scoop, you see.  So if you haven’t already proceeded with your fanification, you really should.

For those of you who have been around long enough to remember Dame and Holmes, you should know that Dame’s not the only one with fabulous life changing stuff going on.   Holmes is getting married next month, you guys.  How great is that?  And the even greater part is that he’s marrying one of my dearest long-time friends.  And the even greater part is that I get to do the official wedding toast.  I’m so excited I can hardly stand it!

So it’s a good summer.  And more goodness is coming.  Stay tuned.

P.S. Don't forget! County/State Fair photo contest going on RIGHT NOW! See here for details: FAIR CONTEST!
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  • Kami

    Oh wow, a lot has changed! I remember back when Holmes was still single–so crazy:D.

  • jenn

    The monkey looks like he’s singing “Myyyyyyyyyyyy Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay!”

  • Punky

    How wonderful! It’s always so great when a bunch of happy things happen all at once! Congratulations Holmes and Dame! I still want to know what they named baby Dame.

  • meganyore

    me too i wana know the baby name! congrats dame and fam and to holmes too!
    gotta love that new baby smell. better than “new car” smell

  • HurleyBurleyGirl

    “Goooooooooooooooooooooootta dance!”….

  • Mockarena

    jenn – excellent call. I think that monkey IS singing My Way. 😀

    Baby Aufschneider’s name is Emily. 🙂 And she’s precious.