So, I saw this picture today, of a landbeast, and what’s unusual about it is that I’m not entirely certain whether or not it’s revealing a part of her anatomy that’s considered NSFW.  Whether it’s not safe for LIFE, there is no doubt.  So, in any case,  I’m putting it after the jump, just in case it’s inappropriate nakedness, versus just really gross nakedness.


I mean, that’s her belly button, right?  RIGHT?  Please God tell me that’s her belly button.

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  • tep1031

    I think it is her belly button, but I also think that may be a nipple hanging out under the dress below the right knee. I didn’t know that was physically possible. And I hope I can forget ever seeing this picture.

  • Chris

    If that’s her belly button dear god what is the thing sticking out on the left in front of her leg?!

  • Hatchetwoman

    I think it’s her belly button or in this cave, but … I’m almost afraid to write this … I think it might as well be her hoohah, if you know what I mean. I think that’s the point of the picture.

  • Nancy

    there are no other holes in site, so it must be her belly button. I don’t think that is a nipple, I think it is her thigh, that is brown from rubbing everything, although the fabric is going behind it instead of behind the leg…ew, i think it is her nipple!!!!

  • Hatchetwoman

    Clearly, I was feeling deeply distressed while typing. I meant, “in this case, her belly orifice.”

    I feel queasy.

  • sunnyAZ

    Good God and I was thinking of having a burger for dinner!

  • Buckeye Bob

    Maybe she could hook up with the guy caught doing the horse.

  • ME

    Where are these sexy ladies located?? Sign me up for that single’s cruise…

    And yes, I think that might be her nipple trying to say hello.

  • Tammy

    I’m thinking it’s a nipple as well. But hey, snaps for flexibility. It can’t be easy hoisting that leg up there like that.

  • Vatriss

    Well, I suppose if you’ve got it, let it aaaalllll haaaannnnggg out!
    Although, I’ve always heard that if you’ve got it you should tuck it in, but that could take awhile in this case.

  • DM

    My daughter-in-law works at a hospital and I was telling her about this website. Since this website talks about huge land beasts, she told me the readers may be interested in this incident a few months back.

    There was this super large woman who was complaining of pains in her stomach area. To her and the doctor’s horror, there was a dead kitten in between the folds of fat on her huge stomach.

  • Directorevil

    You all are approaching this from the wrong angle.
    That is a person clinging on to her.

  • Indygirl

    I refuse to believe that is nippleage. I think it’s part of her leg or stomach with a birth mark on it. But that in the center is definitely a belly button. Actually, now that I look at it again…maybe she’s sitting on another “land beast”.

  • Tina

    My 17 yr old son just saw this photo and his comment had me laughing out loud for several minutes. He said her “belly looks like a doughnut”!!!

    I was going to vote upper thigh for what’s sticking out from beneath her upper right side of her dress in the photo. I’ve changed my mind after looking at what must be her left breast’s sheer length, and what is sticking out on her right side is the SAME LENGTH!! *gag* I’m voting that it is indeed an underboob with a hint of nipple. Ugh.

    Yup, I’m very glad I did NOT go to McDonald’s today!

  • Mrs. F

    There goes that cup of ice cream I had promised myself for dessert tonight.

    I might post this pic on my fridge as motivation.

  • Nancy

    i thought it looked more like a bagel, actually.

  • Susie Switzer

    Yup definitely boobage with a touch of nipple hanging out there, but she sure is proud of her southerly exposure, sure glad my southerly exposure has stay way north.

  • Amy

    ummm…yeah…thats a nip…a really big nip

  • PurpleAnn

    Oh, DM! That’s terrible! How in the heck could that happen……Maybe we’re better off not knowing.

  • Amy

    DM – All I could do was gasp in horror when I read your comment! OMG! OMG! There are no words!

  • elizabeth.

    I literally can’t look at this picture with out gagging.

  • Jordon

    If Im in a stuation where I need to hide my arousal, this image will work quite nicely.

  • Kami

    Um…it looks like the “nippleage” is part of the belly–and it is shadowed from the angle of the shooter. That’s some epic front butt right there! So epic…how can she walk with that between her legs all the time?

  • Punky

    Her nipple is about the size of her face. How sick is that? Kami, I’m sure she has one of those landbeast movers. You know, those scooters?

  • meganyore

    i really mentally prepared myself before clicking in.. but i was NOT prepared for DM’s comment. i threw up in my mouth a little.

  • jen


    to DM… it could have been worse. I work in a hospital in surgery (and this is one of the myriad of reasons I NOW work in a children’S hospital) and we had a landbeast who had gone so long without lifting, washing OR airing out her folds that they developed gangreene (which cannot survive in the presence of oxygen) in the deep dark crevices. We had to hack huge chunks of decaying flesh from her. The scary thing was the smell was not noticable until a fold was lifted, the seal from the weight was that good.

  • QTKT526

    her belly button looks more like a black hole… like it looks like i could fit my head in there! NOT that i would ever want to do such a thing…. and now i’ll prolly have nightmares about it…

  • Kris

    You people should be ashamed of yourselves….tee hee…teehee…teeheeteehee….TEE HEE…HA HA…HAHAHAHAHA!!!
    Sorry, couldn’t help myself. Tried to be serious, really, but….
    LOL!! ROTFL!!! This woman must be living in another reality, with the sexy pose, she can’t POSSIBLY think she’s attractive, can she???
    But then, there are a lot of deluded people. Just look at Washington DC.

  • Orange Cruch

    Ohh, dear, LORD, MY EYES!!!!

  • shocked

    Is that a Tumor? That cant be normal anatomy??