Lumpiest. Superhero-Type-Person. EVER.


Located:  The best friend of the purple-shield guy.

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  • Nancy

    He is bigger chested than me, and I am very well endowed, so to speak…

  • Buckeye Bob

    Nancy, Is that a he? I thought it was a woman but now I dont know.
    I know if the shirt was green it would look like a giant frogs face.

  • Nancy

    I see a beard stubble, so my bet is it is a guy….

  • mikey

    What does the G stand for?


  • Kami

    Nancy, I’ve seen some unfortunate women with the same amount of stubble!

    I still guess it is a man as the shape of the moobies (man boobs) don’t have the nice fullness to it as a woman would have.

  • Nancy

    Kami – I have seen that too, and thank God every day I don’t have that problem….it is a guess on my part….

  • meganyore

    nice moobs. i love that they are making their own shadows

  • Anonymous99


    I believe the “G” stands for GUT in case anyone didn’t know what that blob below his moobs was!

  • crabbyal

    This is exactly why I had to quit wearing my superhero costume…..