You Know What I Love?


I love that someone saw this picture and wrote that Floor Horse caption on it.  I LOVE that.  And I hope that the word “Floor Horse” becomes totally viral and that people begin to use it in everyday speech when they’re referring to being watched in any way, or when they’re being given the stink eye by someone.

I cannnot wait for the next time someone looks at me suspiciously, so that I can whisper to whoever is in ear shot, “Floor Horse is watching us.”  I will alert you guys as soon as that happens, and hope you do the same if you have a chance to use the term before I do.

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  • Sarah

    Hah that picture made me laugh so hard!! I can’t really explain why, but I am still cracking up!

  • Punky

    I’m with you Sarah! I just choked on my ice pop!

  • Tina

    I’m giggling too. I wonder if Basement Cat has anything to do with Floor Horse being where it is? ROFLMAO!!! (See LOLcats if you didn’t get the Basement Cat reference.)

  • Pris

    WTF??!! And nobody on the back seems to think it weird…

  • Pris

    I did it… couldn’t resist… but only said “watch out, floor horse!” The girl (whom I’d showed the photo earlier) took a couple of minutes to understand then we both couldn’t stop laughing! ^_^ LOVE the horse’s face!

  • DM

    I feel sorry for the horse. This is not a natural setting for it. Living on a ranch I can tell you the horse is suffering. A horse not able to move around and eat and drink will kill it.

    Do any of you laughing at such a horrible thing really think it’s so funny? Now if the story headline stated the horse was just trapped and then got free. Then maybe you could laugh. Even though being trapped is very traumatic for this horse.

  • Pris

    …just reminded me of all the hilarious Onion videos and articles I’ve peed my pants from laughing… might sound mean & crazy to some (to be mocking certain things) but I KNOW I’m not a mean person and wouldn’t laugh at such things / circumstances in reality… it’s just for laughs really, can’t take it seriously…

  • PurpleAnn

    DM, I think this is photo-shopped.
    I saw a t-shirt that said “Ceiling cat is watching you.”
    I’m going to have to look for the basement cat picture. LOL!

  • pict13

    He/she’s so stealthy!

  • Buckeye Bob

    I got my eye on you.

  • meganyore

    this Floor Horse business is not a phenomenon I was aware of…
    pretty funny!

  • jessy

    lmbo DM i love how you just said “this is not a natural setting for a horse” REALLY????? i would have never guessed. wow just wow.

  • Gracie

    It is photoshopped – has to be. I have a basement cat – need to add to my collection with a floor horse. HAVE TO

  • Punky

    Geez DM, talk about a “Debbie Downer.” It’s OBVIOUSLY photoshopped! And darn funny too!

  • Sarah

    Hah, a Debbie Downer, how true. Seriously, like anyone of us looked at that and thought “gee, that looks like a nice natural habitat for a horse!”