I’m Confused


When I look at the puppy, I melt.  I mean, LOOK AT THAT FACE.  But then I see this poor creature desperately avoiding making direct eye contact with Mischa Barton, and I see how NOT GOOD she looks here, and then I no longer like the picture.  I want to look at the puppy, but it requires looking at Mischa Barton.  There’s no win-win here.

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  • HurleyBurleyGirl

    Oh look at the mini-Max (my pooch) wienie dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Who cares about Misha whoever. Max gets that expression on his face when he’s completely annoyed and then he lets out a sigh. (I swear!)

  • ME

    I would not have been able to tell you who that was…

  • Inna

    Goldie Hawn is a makeup artist on the side? I guess all the drugs and partying are really catching up. She’ll get offers to do mom roles when she’s 27.

  • PurpleAnn

    I thought the grl in the picture was a very drugged-up Mary Kate/Ashley Olsen. This is not a good look for Mischa!

  • Kami

    Sadly, it’s the best Mischa has looked since OC ended (though I never actually saw the show–just bombarded with pictures) and that says a lot.

    I will say I love the poor dog! He looks like he isn’t that comfortable being that close.

    Caption “Oh noes, shes going to eat me!”

    Mischa “Mmmm, hot dog….”

  • meganyore

    i feel like its animal cruelty to take a dog on a red carpet. poor little puppy is so confused and not happy! plus she looks totally stoned or drunk. like she usually is.