Seen At The NYC Pride Parade


An alert and astute mockdocker sent me several photos from the NYC Pride Parade, and this one was one of the more tame ones.  I know these are called fanny packs in everyday life, but never has that name seemed as apropos as it does when I look at this photo.

Why must “Pride” mean “Baring Of Huge Amounts Of Flesh” at these parades?  I mean, can’t you be gay and proud and clothed?

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  • HurleyBurleyGirl

    When did gay pride = nakedness pride?

  • Jenn

    And that was just the men…oy, it was a parade.

  • Punky

    I’m just thanking God the picture was from the side!

  • jenn

    Oh, I have a front shot too 🙂

  • PurpleAnn

    “Can’t you be gay, proud, & clothed?” LOL Evidently not.

  • Hatchetwoman

    These so-called “pride” days are nothing more than an opportunity to engage in public debauchery. I know — I live in the Los Angeles area and have heard stories from those unlucky enough to be caught unawares. There’s several “pride” events here, including one in Long Beach and one in West Hollywood, and both are, by all accounts, disgusting. Public sex of all types, nudity, fetishes being played out in public — you name it. San Francisco’s is worse, although how that’s possible is beyond me.

    The gay community itself is very careful about what gets released in the media — they know that Ma and Pa in the Midwest, and even in the conservative heartland of California, would be beyond offended if they could see the “pride” and would turn against them.

    Last year, when the “marriage” for homosexual couples was approved by the courts, there was a mad rush by the gay community to caution each other not to be too over-the-top, as it could turn the tide in the coming election.

    I fail to see why I even need to know someone’s sexual proclivities. I don’t care if you’re proud of being gay, but there’s a world of difference between good self-esteem and insisting that everyone watch as you completely lose your dignity and act like a lecherous goat.

    Maybe this was better suited to “chicks on the right” but I just had to vent.

  • jenn

    If anyone is interested in seeing the rest of the shots, they’re on facebook. Friend me – Jenn Corker.

  • Mockarena

    “Lecherous Goat” is officially my new favorite insult. LOVE.

  • Benoit from Ottawa

    Mock, “lecherous goat” is a time-honoured description of a LOT of men over an, um, uncertain age. Love it.

    Toronto also has its Gay Pride parade, now known as ONLY the Pride parade. No gay, no GLT-F’d up (etc., I lose the intials).

    I think it’s simple: it’s political correctness grown like topsy. E.g. even though all that’s been said above is true, who can argue against gays and lesbians etc being out and loud and proud? You’d be shouted down…

    It is also, on an other level, another example of people getting enough rope to hang themselves.(*)


    (*) No, not for THAT, you pervert.

  • Kami

    Does this mean we can have a Straight Pride Parade….?

    Oh wait, I think we’d call it Mardi Gras, never mind.

    Um, not sure why nakedness has to ensue though I do love some of the elaborate costumes–such as the candy machine dude, that was kind of funny and painful looking.

  • Jordon

    They should start thowing this paarade in the middle of winter.

  • Linda

    I totally agree! I’m gay and I don’t like the pride parade, I mean the message is good and all but come on… why do all have to look so stupid?:p