Kristin Cavallari Does Not Know How To Spray Tan


An alert and astute mockdocker sent me this photo, and I actually really love this dress, but wow – this is just the worst spray tan job EVER.  She must have had Lindsay Lohan do it.  Either that, or the spray tan technician person HATES Kristin Cavallari.

How do you see yourself in a full length mirror and think this looks ok?

You know what that reminds me of? Remember when Ashley Judd went to the premiere of one of her movies on crutches, and her makeup artist applied really dark foundation to her face and neckular area, but her arms and chest were ghostly white?  I loved that SO MUCH.



It’s probably not healthy for me to be as gleeful about those pictures as I am.  But I am GLEEFUL about them.

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  • ME

    That orange does look terrible, but I ask why are her knees like that???

    As for the Judd I didn’t even notice the color difference..

  • HurleyBurleyGirl

    Uhmmmm…who is she?

  • Punky

    I just want to know why her top isn’t spray-tanned?

  • alatta

    what’s funnier is that they focused so much on her legs…but forgot her pale toes!

  • ER

    Even after reading the post, I didn’t immediately recognize Ashley – I thought it was a black woman.

  • mga

    from a guy’s perspective….she has terrible legs!!

    they’re too masculine looking for my taste. she really needs to work on them.

  • PurpleAnn

    When pantyhose were still in fashion, women got the 2-tone effect by wearing a shade too dark. I remember some women in my own family notorious for that. (Also would wear open-toe shoes & the hose made it look like their toes had fused together.)

  • Daisy

    That dress is flawless, though. Love. It’s very Victoria….

  • Daisy

    And I meant Kristin Cavallari. Who is Ashley Judd?

  • meganyore

    spray tanning is nasty. im sorry, i think its just foul to be covered in orange chemicals. almost as nasty as frying in a uv coffin. ive NEVER seen it look GOOD. ever. *shivers*
    i’ll stick with my pale skin thanks.

  • Zachary

    She should put on some sort of distracting boots or something. I don’t know, I’m a guy.

  • Kami

    Let your natural color show through! Screw this fake crap–especially if you can’t apply it properly. I thought Lohan had some bad spray tanning, Kristen took it over the top! Such a shame too, the dress would’ve looked loads better without the tan.

  • Lyonella

    Yeah and who is in charge of these people?
    It’s like Lady TamponString….shouldn’t someone be checking things before letting them out in public, since they’re too drunk/high/stupid/careless to dress themselves?

  • Linda

    Aww.^^ “You and Ashley sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!”

    You like her I know it!:p