Worst. Mousetrap. EVER.

I love this mouse. I love that he’s all, “Yeah – I’m going to just go ahead and take all of this food and then leave.” And then I love how the mousetrap is all, “Wait. What? There was a mouse on me? SNAP!!!”

So yesterday I noticed that there is like a colony of chipmunks living beneath my deck. And they’re getting totally fearless – like I’ll be hanging out on the deck and they’ll just come right up on there with me and say, “What’s up” and then run around and make a lot of noise and then go back under the deck. And I told Mr. Mock about this, and he said we’d need to put some poison under there or something. But see – I can’t bear to personally kill something as cute as a chipmunk.

So I’m not sure what’s going to happen. This might be one of those things that Mr. Mock has to do covertly, such that one day, later this summer, I’ll notice that there haven’t been any chipmunks hanging around, and Mr. Mock will tell me that the colony decided to move to a bigger and nicer deck, and I’ll believe him even though there are like 82 chipmunk carcasses under ours.

Or maybe they really WILL just decide that my deck is lame, and they’ll leave on their own. It could happen, right?

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  • Benoit from Ottawa

    Question about the chipmunks: what’s the problem with their living underneath your deck? It’s not as though they were skunks…

  • Jennifer

    I don’t think you could have 82 chipmunk carcasses under your deck without knowing about it. The stench would not alert just you, but the entire neighborhood. Traps may be a better solution than poison. Or you could just start naming them and posting videos of their adorableness.

  • jessy

    videos would be awesome

  • Jenn
  • Ana

    *cheers for the mouse*

  • HurleyBurleyGirl

    Go mousey! Go!

    Ha! Ha! Yes, I say this now but one time in Colombia I was sitting at a table writing a letter and looked up and saw one crawling quietly toward me and I couldn’t have screamed harder or louder and run out of the room at top speed. The mouse just sat on the table and looked at me like, “What the hell is your problem lady? I’m just looking for a treat.”

  • Tatertot

    We have chipumunks under our deck and driveway (Benoit, the problem is they mess up drainage, can buckle sidewalks with their tunnels etc, but in the cutest way, of course).

    Last year, our solution to get rid of them was to trap them and set them free at a park. One by one we would catch them in a humane trap and chauffeur them to the park and let them go. We knew this would take all summer but what the hey.

    Anyways, the last one we caught, we drove over to the park and set the trap down in the grass and opened the gate in the same spot that we always dropped the chipmunks at, and we noticed the usual increasing reluctance of our prisoners to run out of the trap. The first 5 or 10 ran out immediately, but then we started having to shoo them out of the trap more and more with each visit. We didn’t know why. This guy positively had to be poked out with a stick and was grabbing the bars and not wanting to leave. Then when he was out, instead of ambling away, he crouched and zigzaged a few feet, and then a giant hawk came down from a nearby pine tree and landed on him, looked at us as if to say, “thanks for dinner, chaps” and then took off with our chipmunk.

    We let the chipmunks live under our deck now.

  • meganyore

    LOL tatertot! thats awful!!! HAHA
    We had squirrels living in our attic one summer and as I LOVE squirrels, I would not allow them to be killed. until they kept waking us up with a god awful scratching and gnawing sounds all night! they can cause some real damage. needless to say I finally let the animal control guy do his thing.
    im thinking videos of these little chipmunk guys really would be the best solution…..