This Is Who Won Britain’s Got Talent

Beating out Susan Boyle – dance troupe Diversity won the show this weekend. And you guys, they are FLAT AWESOME. I have absolutely no idea how a mini-superman appears and then disappears in the middle of this performance, but it doesn’t even matter because the whole thing is just amazing.


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  • HurleyBurleyGirl

    I couldn’t watch and not bounce along with them. In fact, I watched it twice. Well done! I’m glad they won.

  • Susie Switzer

    Awesome talent!

  • DM

    I bet they sell millions of DVD’s of themselves dancing and they will sell out every concert hall they perform at. Right? As we all know we love to buy a DVD with a bunch of guys dancing on it and we love to go to dancing concerts.

  • elizabeth.


  • meganyore

    alright. you got me. TOTALLY AWESOME!! i loved this, i especially like when they hit the three red buttons and make an X like the judges haha

  • PurpleAnn

    These guys won the top prize? They were good, but I’m not sure people would pay to see them dance in an auditorium, etc. I see them as backup dancers, but as a main act? I dunno.