Kate Gosselin’s Belly Button Freaks Me Out.


I’m not saying she doesn’t look good, because she does.  She’s had a lot of surgical help to look good, and obviously TLC has gotten their money’s worth.  I knew someone who got a tummy tuck, and I remember that the weirdest thing I found out about tummy tucks from her is that they have to completely recreate your belly button.  Apparently, they basically cut out a whole bunch of your abdominal skin, including the belly button that used to connect you to your mother, and then they have to make you a new one.  The girl I knew who got one actually was instructed by her plastic surgeon to wear a MARBLE in her newly created belly button – to make sure it stayed open.

That whole thing completely freaked me out, and now that I’m looking at Kate’s belly button, I’m thinking that her surgeon remade hers WAY TOO HIGH.  Kate has absolutely no waist to speak of, so I can’t be totally certain about this, but I think her belly button should be a good 3-4 inches lower than it is. 


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  • HurleyBurleyGirl

    I watched the show with my family but I never liked watching her boss her husband around. She always struck me as a mean girl. Poor children. That kind of behavior from a parent drives children to grow up to be mad. I know. I’ve seen it first hand in the classroom.

  • http://domestiquette.net Wendy

    She had, like, SIX kids in that belly. It would never look normal again on its own. Of course she’s had surgery. And her surgeon DID put that belly button WAY too high.

    Never have watched this show. What I hear of it sounds like these two parents are extremely messed up. That’s a lot of messed up kids coming down the pike…

  • Jenn

    I think I might have gone with a tankini, if I were her…she looks as manly as Pink…

  • sunnyAZ

    That was the first thing I noticed, that extremely high belly button.

  • Tatertot

    Pretty darn good compared to the nosecone of the concord it was, when it was full of the litter (though the affect somehow resembles the film on top of puddin’ that somebody touched before it set).

    And yes, that belly button is definitely moved inappropriately North, at the bottom of the ribcage, all right.

    Did she stand in front of the mirror and think, “Hmm, I look pretty damned hot for having 8 kids except for this…(taps chin with index finger and narrows eyes while gazing at navel)…Ieeeee THINK I can get away with it…yes!”

  • http://www.myspace.com/dorkymcspazatron Oliva J. Snarkypants

    I understand she had 8 kids and all, but she really should go with a tankini like Jenn said. The FUPA needs to be covered, period.

  • QuiteContrary

    You know… they have those kinda skanky one-piece suits that have the entire back out of them and the sides cut out…
    Something like that would have been more flattering… and still sexy-ish.

  • Susie Switzer

    YUK, looks good or not, her belly button is ALIEN!!

  • ME

    an odd looking belly button for an odd looking woman

  • Buckeye Bob

    I don’t get it. I just don’t see anything about her that would make me say “Get off of me and put your clothes back on”.
    I don’t know anything about her other than people saying she’s a bitch but it’s not like I haven’t been with one of those before. I figure the belly button is south of the mountains and north of the bush so it’s pretty much where it’s supposed to be.

  • sln

    I don’t think the woman knows how to smile

  • Kami

    Olivia: What’s FUPA?

    Buckeye Bob: I swear you kill me some times! Lol

    Hmm, yes her navel looks terribly off. I’m surprised she doesn’t have any hips with the amount of kids she carried in her womb. I would think she would’ve gotten some hips off that at least–she really does have the less defined body of P!nk. It’s odd.

  • Nancy

    I wish I looked like that after 2 kids…..my belly button is where it is supposed to be but it isn’t a pretty sight, so who cares…she looks great after EIGHT kids.

  • baby luv

    I agree with Bob on this one. Women are far more critical of each other’s bodies than men are. Bitch or no, I admire her confidence and thinks she looks great for the mother of EIGHT kids.

  • Daisy

    She’s heinous. But the suit is cute. Too bad she’s heinous. Did I mention how heinous she is?

  • meganyore

    the suit IS cute. and i think she looks amazing for anyone, not just someone with 8 kids. she looks good, but that scowl on her face has got to go! smile biotch!!!

  • meganyore

    oh yea and her bellybutton is WAAAAY off. looks weird. really weird!
    and that thing about wearing a marble?! SO GROSS! GAG!

  • http://www.myspace.com/dorkymcspazatron Oliva J. Snarkypants

    A FUPA is a crass acronym to describe a woman’s belly pooch. It means Fat Upper P*$$Y Area. It’s horrible, but hilarious at the same time.

  • ButtonFreak

    I wonder why people say that she looks great after having 8 kids?
    Are they realizing that she had TWO pregnancies?
    And because of the second one being so large, she got plastic surgery to cut off tons of fat and flesh and they did lipo. It was televised. The surgeon brought her muscles together.
    However, looks like her belly button is 2-3 inches ABOVE where it should be! What’s wrong with that surgeon?

  • Rebecca

    Her belly button is right where is should be. It just looks off because she has no waist to speak of. She is like 80% of women who are shaped like rectangles. The way to help that might be to remove a couple ribs and get a breat augmentation.

  • http://msn.com Victoria

    I think she looks amazing especially for how far her belly was stretched out the second time. And she may be strict or seem mad a lot of the time but who wouldnt with eight young kids around all the time?! I work at a daycare and I only have 9 kids in my class and at the end of the day I cant wait to get home. There is no way I could handle those kids all the time and Jon may seem like the cool one in the relationship but after they get divorced he is going to be lost trying to handle those kids on his own because he has always just sat back and let kate handle everything and now he is not going to know how to do anything on his own.

  • barbee

    The belly button is way to high, it should have been where there appears to be a horizontal line that runs right on top of the two vertical lines that make up the pouch type thingee – and it’s NOT that she has no hips, its that she has no waist. Agree with those who suggest sexy one piece with all the strategic cutouts, but that type would accentuate her flabby butt checks (the ones that made an appearance on her driveway in the blue suit, you know, the pic with the ugly white hat and the uglier look on her face).

  • Cee

    I could be way off here but my plastic surgeon (and others I consulted) specifically explained that they do not and can not move the location of the belly button. Your belly button is actually a stalk-like stump rooted in your abdomen so while the skin is removed and the button’s exterior is reshaped entirely with sutures, the location remains the same. In fact, they cut around it before they even lift your skin to repair the muscles. I recently had a tummy tuck and my belly button is in the same place as before children and while it looks totally different and not nearly as cute as before I developed a hernia during my second pregnancy, at least I have one again 🙂 I do not like Kate Gosselin but I am a firm believer in having that kind of damage fixed after children if you can afford it. Did you see her abdomen beforehand?!!! My hernia/tummy tuck surgery was medically necessary and only half covered by insurance but I would gladly pay the money again so as not to look 6 months pregnant for the rest of my life. It is quite embarrassing to have someone ask you if you are pregnant because your belly looks it. I had no lipo as I had very little if no fat cells in my belly and am quite thin, just horrible muscle damage. Good for her in her bikini. She looks great!

  • http://[email protected] glens

    I am glad someone noticed the belly button other than me—-a few more inches up and her belly button would be between her fake breast—-Kate wear a one piece bathing suit—-Do all of us that are bored enough to watch your (and I say again–Your) show a favor—Don’t wear a two piece bathing suit—Stop showing that scene of you and your BIG abdomen—And STOP saying everything you do is for your kids–I think its obvious that everything you do is for YOU….

  • BRL

    I know this is an old post, but I wanted to point out (as someone who’s had a tummy tuck) that the belly button location probably isn’t the fault of the surgeon. During the procedure, the belly button is freed from the surrounding skin by cutting a hole around it, but it remains anchored to the tissue underneath the skin; it isn’t cut off or moved. Then when the skin is pulled taut and the excess is cut off, a new hole is made for the existing belly button and it is sutured to the edges of the new hole. So in other words, Kate probably had an unusually high belly button to begin with. ;o)

  • mao3

    Thanks Cee and BRL for educating these ignorant people hating on kate. The belly button is not (and can’t be) moved during a tummy tuck. Why would you think she looks bad? She’s toned and looks good. Jealous much!

  • Square Granny

    Thanks to all 3 of you – Cee, BRL, & mao3 for a little bit of common sense! As someone who has lost over 100 pounds over several years – trust me when I say that a belly button lost in fat and/or loose skin is much more hideous looking than the “new” one after a tummy tuck. And what’s gross about the marble? It’s not like it stays there for any length of time – and it’s not like we walk around flashing it at strangers!
    Live and let live. Better yet, throw on a swim suit, post the pictures, and then listen while everybody hates on the way you look. Fun times!

  • Kristi

    Her belly button is too high. HERE IS WHY: If you take your thumbs and place them on the top of your hip bones and lay your index fingers horizontally across your stomach pointing toward one another THAT is where your belly button should be. This is constant for almost all humans. Basically its right around where L3 and L4 vertebrae join. Sometimes you might look at someone (like a supermodel) and say OMG they have a whacky high belly button but it’s because their legs are so long. I’m tall with a high belly button too. It’s no where near as high as Kate’s. That was def a surgery mistake. I think they didn’t make it low (called floating a belly button) because if she ever went back and had another tuck. it’d be so much harder to raise it later. Anyway, her tummy is flat now! Too bad they couldn’t give her a definitive waist though, she’s awfully boyish looking.

  • HesterPrynne

    Dude looks like a lady.

  • sonya

    lol you all kill me!!, in fact the 2 who said that its kept where it was before are correct, they cant move it here or there or everywhere folks !I guess we all would had to have all those kids at one time to do what she has done!ok she was born with no waist or u could see it like this? she wasnt born with no hips and thats why it looks like she has no waist!,to me i would take no waist thats flat compared to having hips cause usually with bigger hips usualy means big ass!! so i think she looks fabulous!!!!

  • Blue

    She has hips, but no waist. I think the worried or pissy look on her face is due to anxiety. People always ask me if i am upset due to tension on my face when I am not…

  • katehate

    fuck all of you and your bodies bitches