Gleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Behind The Scenes.

I know. Enough with Glee already. But I CANNOT HELP IT. I feel a personal responsibility to throw every last thing I see about this show here on the Mock Dock because that is how much I love it.

I’m a teeeny bit annoyed that the cast seems to be complaining about being overworked, though. Like – do they not realize how fabulous it is that they get to be in show choir even though they are no longer in high school?

You know what they need? They need to add a couple Robbie Williams songs into their repertoire.

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  • jessy

    im sure you’d be on set 24 hours a day willingly without pay just to be able to sing in a show choir on tv. thats just how much it seems you like show choirs and the show glee đŸ™‚

  • meganyore

    the only bad thing about this show is that its not on everyday.