Ho. Lee. Crap.

An alert and astute mockdocker sent me this video of a girl who can beatbox really well. And I just don’t understand how people do this. She’s all nonchalant about it, like this is just something that is a natural occurrence in the human species. I can’t even WHISTLE, you guys.

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  • Ka-Duh

    I can’t whistle either! Totally not fair. That may be part of the reason that I absolutely HATE when people whistle.

  • DM

    What a useless talent.

  • http://www.myspace.com/dorkymcspazatron Oliva J. Snarkypants

    I can’t whistle either. : (

  • Sunshyndrmr

    Useless talent…yes, but totally fun to listen to

  • meganyore

    i can whistle pretty good, but only sucking in. i cant whistle by blowing out. what gives?!
    i agree…totally useless but so.much.fun!
    this could have lasted twenty mintues and i think i would have been amazed the whole time. lovesit!
    how does one even begin to learn how to do this?!

  • Jordon

    That was off the chain

  • QuiteContrary

    Not so useless… I have friends that opened a comedy club here in Bloomington and they had Michael Winslow open last year… HE was amazing (he is also very nice). This girl as real talent and could be as good as him with some more work…
    It’s not gonna make you crazy famous, but someone might hire you for sound affects/movies/cartoons…

  • PurpleAnn

    Thought I was the only one who couldn’t whistle! What are the odds of so many mockdockers lacking this particular ability?

  • Benoit from Ottawa

    I can whistle, out and in (pursed lips), and quite well (I am told — I can hold a tune); I used to be able to also whistle through teeth (no fingers), but lost that ability as my front teeth have started wandering A LITTLE BIT (not the tons of emphasis…). Two decades more than Mock’s upcoming…

  • Benoit from Ottawa

    Correct the typo: (notE the tons of emphasis…)

  • ME

    I can’t whistle either and I can’t beat box..but I can make trumpet noises by just using my lips. I’m not Michael Winslow (that man is incredible) but I like making my trumpet noises…

  • Mockarena

    ME – obviously you are going to now need to video tape your trumpet talent and send it so I can post it AT ONCE. đŸ™‚

  • http://meatlovingvegan.wordpress.com elizabeth.

    I can’t whistle either. This was awesome and I am totally jealous. I can’t even hold a tune.