You Guys, My Birthday Is Shaping Up To Be Completely Awesome

For those of you mockdockers who have been around for a long time, you may recall that next month, on my birthday, I will be turning really really really really old.  Like – waaaaay older than I feel.   And it doesn’t matter how many times I hear that 40 is the new 30 – it isn’t.  Forty is freaking ancient and there’s just no getting around that.  And the thing is, when I think of someone who’s 40, I think of an ADULT.  I am in no way, shape, or form an adult.  I’m not entirely sure I ever will be.  I am perpetually immature, which is lucky for you guys seeing as how only someone really immature could run a blog which just mocks stuff.

So yeah – I’m going to be 40.  I’ve been dreading this birthday for pretty much the last 5 years.  And I’ve been extra dreading it lately, because it’s practically HERE.  But listen how awesome yesterday and today were, and how much more awesomeness is on the horizon.

So yesterday, my awesomely fantastic mom calls me to tell me that one of my presents is a FULL WEEK without Junior Mock at night.  Now, you might think it sounds mean that I would be EXCITED about being away from Junior Mock, but I have been so sleep deprived since he came home from the hospital, that the thought of actually getting to sleep for more than 4 hours in a solid block sounds like a total slice of heaven to me.   PLUS, it means a week’s worth of evenings to spend with Mini-Mock, and we can actually go out and do all sorts of fun stuff.  See – Junior Mock has to ride in a wheelchair van, which only fits two adults and him – there is no room for Mini-Mock in it.  So anytime we want to go somewhere as a family, we have to take two cars. And if Mr. Mock is traveling, which he does a great deal, then I am basically a prisoner in my home, because I don’t have a way of transporting both kids together.  Unfortunately, this means Mini-Mock doesn’t get to go out and do as much stuff as I’d like for him to get to do.  But next week?  When Junior is staying with Grandma and Grandpa Mock?  Mini-Mock and I are going to PARTAY!!!  And then we will come home and sleep aaaaaaall night long.  I cannot tell you how excited I am about this present.

And you know what else happened yesterday?  I got an email from alert and astute mockdocker Sarah, who sent me photos of her trip to a fabulous exotic petting zoo in northern Michigan, where she got to hold and feed and snuggle with baby bears, and tigers, and kangas, and deer, and raccoons, and foxes, and groundhogs, and monkeys and countless other precious creatures ALL IN ONE PLACE.   I mean, it was like my meerkat and wallaby experience times a million.  And so I told Daisy that what I wanted for my birthday was for us to go to that zoo sometime this summer.  And Daisy, because she’s crazy about animals too,  said yes!  So we’re just working on figuring out a date.  LOOK at these pictures, you guys – and this is just a small sampling from Sarah’s collection.



So then TODAY, my mom told me that my big birthday present (as if a week of sleep wasn’t enough already!) was an overnight stay in THIS HOTEL:


And not only that, but it’s a girlfriend trip.  I get to take Daisy with me, and we’re going to get manicures and martinis – all expenses paid.  And we’re going to go horseback riding and explore the beautiful grounds of the resort and just in general act like we’ve stepped right out of the Sex And The City movie.   I cannot WAIT.  I mean – LOOK at that place, you guys.

But there’s even MORE.  For awhile now, Mr. Mock has promised that for my 40th birthday, we’re going to go somewhere fabulous.  We’re going to do that the first week of December, but I don’t get to find out WHERE we’re going until the actual day of my birthday.  All I know is that it’s beachy and warm and fabulous.

So between my trip with Mr. Mock, and my girlfriend trip to the fabulous resort with Daisy, and my zoo trip with Daisy, I am pretty much assured of having the most awesome birthday on record.  Even if that stuff isn’t happening right on my birthday.

Maybe 40 isn’t going to be so bad after all! 🙂

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  • jessy

    first of all happy almost birthday. second of all this sounds like the best birthday ever! lol im excited for you not only do you get sleep but you get an awesome night out and soon youll go to the zoo where youll take lots of pics for us which will be awesome and you get to find out where youre going for your trip. yay thats so exciting. don’t feel bad about leaving junior mock behind you need the rest for both of your sakes. you wont be helping him at all if youre too tired to take care of him thats nice that your parents are helping out they sound super awesome.

  • HurleyBurleyGirl

    Feliz cumpleanos Mockarena!!!

    As a soon to be 45 year old I can tell you it really isn’t horrible to be on the other side of 39. Really there is something to be said for wisdom, experience, and a beautiful husband and family. Which you have. You lucky lady you. 🙂

    Come on girl! Cultivate your inner sexy chica! Come on! Follow me and I’ll show you how to burn up a dance floor!!!! Bailamos!!!

  • Buckeye Bob

    The pictures from Sara are great, show some more. Happy early Birthday. Sounds like it’s going to be a great time. On a different note, Forty IS NOT freaking ancient.

  • Sarah

    Wow, that all sounds so amazing!! You are so lucky to have a great husband, a great friend, great parents, and great children and each part of your birthday will be so awesome! You really mean it when you say you are spoiled, but there isn’t anything wrong with that!

    Thank you for showing my pictures, I feel so special 🙂

    Oh and it doesn’t sound bad to want a break, it is completely understandable! He will be in a place where he is with his loving grandparents, and you get a little one on one with your other sound, perfect plan!

  • Tammy

    It’s just a number Mock. It doesn’t really mean all that much in the grand scheme of things. You’re only as old as you feel.

  • tep1031

    What an excellent birthday celebration! It makes up for having to say Forty.
    Sarah- please post name of zoo!

  • Sarah

    The DeYoung Family zoo in Wallace Michigan 🙂

  • Punky

    Have a good one Mock! I’m turning 36 next week, and I’m a little nervous about being in the next age bracket! Enjoy, and please post pictures!

  • http://Depression Frenchee

    But 40 is so much better than 39. After all, NO ONE believes an age that ends in 9, they always think that you have to be much older and you’re lying about your age, But when you say you are 40 (or 30 or 50) they always say ‘you don’t look it’.

  • Anonymous

    Oops, Happy Birthday Mock, glad to know you have so many more left to come,

  • PurpleAnn

    I’m so happy for you, Mock! You deserve it. Happy Birthday!

  • Wendy

    Since I just got forgotten for Mother’s Day and also bought my own birthday present two months ago, I’m too completely jealous about all this awesomeness to even comment.

    But it’s pretty cool and stuff.

  • Punky

    Yeah, I’m all green and stuff too, but it is pretty awesome! Please let there be landbeasts at that hotel!

  • el pato

    i think jessy said it all. for all of us.
    you need rest, mocky.
    this will be the absolute best for all concerned.
    and as a soon to be ‘double nickle’, believe me,
    40 is a piece of cake!
    (besides, your car insurance rates really start to
    go down now! ha!)

  • meganyore

    Happy early birthday mock!
    Sleep can be SUCH a beautiful thing!! I completely understand looking forward to sleeping! 🙂 A break will do you both some good.
    what IS that place?!?! it looks like a castle or something! Cant wait to hear all about it!

  • meganyore

    oh and awesome pics from sarah! one of these days I will send you the pic of my kangaroo experience!

  • QuiteContrary

    That hotel is amazing… I’ve spent a lot of time there.
    Husband and I actually did a short honeymoon there (because we couldn’t go far because of his schooling).
    I suggest trying the Larry Bird restaurant in the downtown, if you get a chance. Skip the buffet on Friday nights… only go there for breakfast, IMHO. The steakhouse in the other resort is ok… but certainly try for the place in West Baden (I think it’s Italian).
    ALSO, my Stepdad does a lot of the entertainment down there at the Casino (he’s a promoter)… So, if it’s one of his shows playing the weekend you are there, I could get you tickets.

  • el pato

    wendy, sorry it’s late, but happy mother’s day!

  • QuiteContrary

    You should come be my mom… I have a couple good ones… but, what would one more hurt?
    I bought my Mom flowers and took her out to lunch… and my grandma… and my Stepmom. I never understood why someone wouldn’t honor their parents and those days (and their birthdays).

  • ME

    West Baden is really nice. I really liked looking up at the ceiling of the dome at night when the colors change. You can also do a carriage ride with a horse and the whole works..