My Boy Is Loved


Between the support Junior Mock has received from you all, to his friends and family here, I am simply blown away by how much love there is pouring out to my special boy.

Mr. Mock, Daisy, and Junior Mock’s best friend and caregiver were with me in Junior Mock’s room in ICU a few hours ago, when a nurse popped her head in and started scoping out the room, as if she were looking for something.  Finally she looked up and said, “I’m just trying to see where we can fit all of these.”  And then she walks forward and shows us the GINORMOUS BALLOON BOUQUET pictured above.  At first I thought that they were all being distributed to the entire children’s hospital, but you guys, they were ALL FOR JUNIOR MOCK.  His school bus driver and bus aide got them for him.  Can you believe that????  I’m hoping that once Junior Mock feels a little better in a couple of days, he’ll be able to see them and then after he’s had a chance to appreciate them, we’ll start passing them out to the rest of the kids on the floor.  The nurse said there has never been a delivery of balloons so big for any kid ever!

It’s been a rough afternoon.  He needed a 2nd blood transfusion and his temp rose to 103.3.  He can’t seem to get comfortable and his breathing pattern is really erratic right now, making it hard for him to get any sleep.  Tomorrow, they want to try to get him into his wheelchair two times!  I’m so nervous – I know it’s going to be so painful – but it’s for his own good to try and get his lungs cleared out and prevent pneumonia from settling in.  But I’m dreading it.  🙁

So far the staff at the hospital has been great.  I’m going to try and look at some entertaining stuff online for a bit and who knows, perhaps I’ll even mock something.  Even though Junior Mock is having a tough go of it right now, it makes a huge difference knowing how much love is being aimed in his direction.

Thanks, you guys. 🙂

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  • meganyore

    wow! 🙂 your posts about Junior Mock really have been making me smile. I hope tomorrow goes smoothly for him, poor pumpkin! It sounds like it might be harder on you than on him! sending LOTS of love xoxox

  • R

    All parents love it when their kids are loved. And it’s so special when there’s a physical object to see, touch, smell that represents that love. Oh, how obviously your precious son is loved! How cool is that?! And, truth be told, it was probably as much for you and Mr. Mock that they sent those balloons. LOVE.

  • cynthia

    Recovery can be such a scary time-but at least they seem to be on top of any new developments. My best wishes for a peaceful and pain-free night.

  • Johnny C

    Wow Mock, looks like everyone loves your son! Not as much as you, of course, but still. Your family will be in my prayers throughout this ordeal and I wish him the fastest recovery on record.

  • Tammy

    That is the best balloon bouquet EVER!!! I hope tomorrow goes well and with as little pain as possible.

  • Jenn

    That is a CRAZY amount of balloons! I’m sure he’ll absolutely love them and lift his spirits!

  • mkwing

    Please know that we have keeping your son in our prayers. We’re thankful that the procedure went well, but we know that these coming days are going to be tough. Hang in there.

  • ER

    What a fantastical balloon bouquet! Hope it brings another huge smile to Mock Jr.’s face. Thanks Mockarena for sharing your struggle with us, and letting us pray for you and extend words of encouragement. Keep your chin up, and stay strong!!!

  • Little Eye

    What an awesome boy to have such wonderful people who care so for him, including us. He is still in my prayers today as the doctors and nurses care for him and move him around. He is so brave, and he has a wonderful mom to be by his side through this!

  • Amy

    Wow!! Look at all those balloons!! He’s gonna love them. Glad things are going good. I’ll be thinking about you all today.

  • green eyed girl

    Mock, thanks for keeping us up to date. Tough day ahead, hope this helps.

    In the morning, LORD, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly. ~~Psalm 5:3

  • elizabeth.

    This is awesome!!

    You know what’s even awesome-er? That the first thing you plan to do do when Jr Mock feels better is to share them with all the other children. Your a good lady, Mock.

  • Kami

    Wow what a balloon collection! I hope he enjoys them! I never knew they had so many kinds of balloon shapes–wow. I’m sure he would love to share his balloons, especially if he realized how many people may not have received a card.

  • PurpleAnn

    Love the Patrick balloon!

  • Mrs. F

    Oh wow, those balloons are awesome! He IS loved!