You’re Not Going To Believe This


You guys.  I hope you’re sitting down for this.  It turns out, that Paula Abdul used to be addicted to pain killers.  Shocking.

Let’s get right to it, shall we?

Adam Lambert:  Whole Lotta Love.  What can I say?  It was terrific.  I hated how terrific it was.  I hate him so much.  But it was great.  But I hated it.  Even though it was great.  Which I hated.

Alison Iraheta:  Crybaby.  Awesomeness.  LOVED.  I think the judges are just too blind with adoration for Adam that they just didn’t hear how awesome she was.

Danny/Kris Duet – Renegade:  Could Danny have blown Kris out of the water any MORE?  No.  He could not have.

Kris Allen: Come Together:  This was good too!!!  Not as good as Alison or Adam, and the sidemouth singing bugged the crap out of me as usual, but it sounded good.

Danny Gokey:  Dream on.  You know what? He looked terrified during the whole first part of the song.  And I love him so much, but this wasn’t that good.   In fact, it hurt my ears a little.

Alison/Adam Duet – Slowride:  I’m kinda loving the duet thing.  But then again, I’m on such a Newt Gingrich high right now that might be clouding my judgment.


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  • jessy

    i wish it was over already they drag it out for so long and even though i dont watch it i still am just the smallest bit curious. I kinda want danny to win but none of my people have ever won so im not counting on it….im pretty sure cruddy adam will win even though he’s probably my least favorite, i think its because he seems to be a weird poseur but i dont know what it is hes trying to pose for…

  • Tim

    Adam was terrible. He sucked. He squawls, doesn’t sing.

  • Bunny

    That is my all-time favorite photo of Paula. You need to dig up that old post from the interview and repost it, so we can all have another good laugh over it. She is ridiculous!

  • meganyore

    my husband DID NOT record it and i MISSED it. how bummed am I?!
    lol i love your thoughts on adam, though…sometimes i feel the same way.. like “its good..but i HATE you” lol hes talented…but i cant STAND him!
    allison is the bomb i hope she wins. its looking more and more like its getting down to her and adam. “which i hate” HAHA