Got Hair?


This person is one of many many many many people SELLING THEIR HAIR on a website that Bunny pointed me to today.  If you go to, you can list your own hair for free.  And you can write your own handy dandy description of your hair, so as to attract the most hair buyers.  It’s like ebay for hair.  It’s like hairbay.

So the person in the photo above? Yeah.  That’s a GUY.  And here’s the description he wrote about his hair:

Dark-brown +24 inch virgin hair. Never been chemically treated, has been well-shampooed and condition. Always air-dried. Main color is the aforementioned chocolate color. Scarlet higlights appear durring sunset. “Honey-dust blonde” streaks have appeared on occasion, when brushed juuuuuuuuuuuust right. Looks like ribbons of black steel when wet. Very thick, resilliant: I’m a guy (but with some feminine quirks: bone structure, skin and HAIR (!) texture, for example). My hair has been growing for +8 years (It’s survived the Bush Administration!), but it’s time for Change (and my computer recently exploded, so could use the money. ^^;;; ) Volume: Alot. It could hold a serious electric charge on dry days. Durring trims, I’ve only had it thinned out (for weight) about two times. Texture: Very wavey, with curling rings at tips. I’m mixed ethnicity: I’m somewhere between Latin-blooded and Middle-Eastern-blooded, with some other ethnicities adding to my exotic look. I’ll go get it cut at at a Salon or Beauty school, have it get one last trim for split ends, and cut for maximun length and usability. Lifestyle: never smoke, never drink. Exercise regularly. Strong enough for a man. Gentle enough for a lady.”

Question.  Say you bought this dude’s hair.  How would go about using it? I mean, what is the application process? 

You know I’m not good at this kind of research.

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