A Planet Amongst The Stars


That’s what Kim Kardashian’s assular area reminds me of.  A giant planet surrounded by brighty shiny stars.

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  • Tammy

    What in the name of God is she wearing? Horrible, horrible, horrible.

  • el pato

    gives a whole new meaning to the term,
    “black hole”.


  • Buckeye Bob

    Hey Kim Uranus has started to implode and it’s sucking all the stars into it.

  • Mikey

    It has it’s own gravitational field and is beginning to warp the fabric of time and space. Reggie Bush better up his life insurance.

  • PurpleAnn

    Has this been photoshopped? Look how small her top is compared to her butt.

  • QuiteContrary

    SHe has a nice figure, but this outfit does her no favors.

  • ME

    I concur. This is not the best picture of her nor the best outfit for her to wear.

  • Buckeye Bob

    We all know she has a huge ass but what is making this look even worse is the shadow of her ass on the car. Her actual ass and the shadow being produced by it run together making it all look like her ass. Look very close and you can see at lower right the “black” against the car is actually her shadow. You can just barely make out where the ass stops and the shadow begins. Compare it to the lower left. There are two images of a “longer” tassle from her purse. The left is the tassle and the next is the shadow from it. That distance between them is roughly the same distance her “ass shadow” is extending.

  • Mockarena

    Yeah – but it’s her left cheek that’s freaking me out. NOt the shadow cheek.

    That could have been the most scientific sounding comment about the shadow of an ass that I have ever read. 🙂

  • Wiggity

    “Ass Shadow” is that by Maybelline?

  • Wiggity

    “Ass Shadow” is that by Maybelline?

  • Anonymous

    Yes… a comment so great, it had to be said twice. Either that or my computer is just stupid.

  • Amy

    She is a beautiful girl…but I don’t understand how people think her ass is so great. Its GIGANTIC. I mean…I have a big butt…but in proportion to my body, it fits. Hers is just…just…gigantic.

  • meganyore

    lol thanks for breaking it down for me like that Bob. and i am making it my goal to use “Ass Shadow” at least once in my dialoge today haha

  • http://themockdock.com Punky

    I think the car is on the dark side of the moon.

  • Buckeye Bob

    Of course in Kim’s case, an ass shadow is more of an Eclipse.
    (Notice how I kept the space theme.)

  • el pato

    bob, that is a ‘lunar eclipse’, right?

  • Jordon

    I love that big ole booty

  • Little Eye

    Great photo! Wonder if Hubble took it, or if they can see it from the station…

  • NINA

    Yeah, her ass has to be visible from space. Just like the Great Wall of China.