I Have Just Lost All Respect For Mel Gibson


First of all you guys, WE SURVIVED BRITNEY.  It was so super fabulous.  I’m not going to write anything about it till later when I have a chance to download a pic of us in our Britney get-ups.  But I’ll give you all the scoop in a bit.

ANYWAY, about 87 seconds after Mel Gibson’s impending divorce was announced, he has already decided to step out holding hands with his new and obviously much younger girlfriend.

Is there anything more tired and cliche than a middle aged dude who divorces his wife for a much younger woman?  Seriously.  It’s just so so so so tired.

In other news, despite rumors of THEIR impending divorce, all is well in Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick land.  They are, in fact, going to have twins with the help of a surrogate.  So sweet.  So unlike Mel Gibson.

More later, guys.  Off to have a leisurely, fattening, glorious Chicago brunch.

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  • QuiteContrary


    Apparently, she is 39 (and he is only 52ish)… So, while she’s younger, I’m not offended by the age difference.

    Also, I guess he and his wife have been separated for almost three years.

    So, I guess it isn’t quite as bad as it looks.

  • http://domestiquette.net Wendy

    I had this same thought until I saw where they had been separated for three years… since about the time of his alcoholism and anti-semitic rant.

    Maybe his wife got tired of HIM. Maybe he’s been cheating for years. Who knows?

    If they had just separated yesterday, it would be different. At least he didn’t publicly see anyone until their divorce was filed. And there’s nothing that shows he left his wife for this chickie.

    He’s getting divorced for unknown reasons. He’s been separated for 3 years. He has a new girlfriend. It’s not like he’s Brad and went obviously screwing around with Hollywood’s most infamous ho. Yawn. Crickets.

  • Katie B

    Uh, ok. More importantly, doesn’t his girlfriend look freakishly like Cher? Is it just me?

  • Anne Fanne

    Yeah, I don’t think the age difference is that huge here. She is no spring chicken. Mel Gibson could easily get a girl twenty years younger than him. He could probably even score a 22 year old girl who hated Jews and loved ancient language vanity projects.

  • Benoit from Ottawa

    Mel Gibson: (I’m making a lame-o statement that’s complete crap.)

    Obviously much younger girlfriend: (Yes you are, dear.)

    P.s.: She have a name?

  • meganyore

    she DOES look like Cher! i thought the same thing. or she WANTS to look like cher?
    whatEVER im sure his soon to be ex-wife is not crying any tears into the big pile of money shes getting from his racist ass.
    maybe…but it sure helps to wipe those tears away with $100 bills

  • QuiteContrary

    In the link.

  • meganyore

    wait wait wait…i just noticed.. Mock- you only have JUST lost all respect for him?! this makes me think you had respect for him up until NOW. only NOW you lost it!? REALLY?! i think i lost it few years back when he vomited anti-semitism all over the place. i just could NOT get over it.

  • Hatchetwoman

    Whether or not he was separated from his wife doesn’t matter, at least as far as I’m concerned. He’s married, in a Catholic marriage, and what he’s doing is basically adultery. Actually, it’s adultery even in the eyes of the law, because a separation isn’t equal to a divorce.

    What I remember reading, years ago, was that Gibson was quite the alcoholic playboy and his wife was long-suffering. At some point, he sobered up and decided to stop his philandering ways, which is why she stayed with him. There were also rumors that she stayed with him because of the children. Whatever the reason, when he went on his alcohol-fueled rant and was also known to have been partying with young girls, I wondered why his wife was still around. I guess we now know that she wasn’t, not really, but apparently, it wasn’t until this latest thing hit the press that she decided enough was enough. Not coincidentally, their youngest child is now 10 and she may have felt that there was no need for her to wait any longer.

    The anti-semitism? Well, maybe he is and maybe he isn’t. When people are under the influence of a drug, quite often they lash out whatever emotion they have been surpressing, but they don’t necessarily lash out in a way that reveals some secret they’ve been keeping. The saying “in vino, veritas” is true only insofar as the emotion, not the way the emotion is expressed. Gibson went for the jugular, using the words that in his opinion were likely to hurt the most. So to the woman cop, he lashed out by calling her “sugar tits” because he knew that would bother her; to the Jewish cop, he made the anti-Jewish statements because in Gibson’s view, that was the weak spot. It doesn’t necessarily mean that he actually is anti-semitic — only a psychological evaluation could really tell us that. What it does mean is that he has repressed anger. That much is clear.

  • jessy

    good point hachet but hes still a douche…..

  • Tatertot

    That’s right, Hatchetwoman and nicely summed up by Jessy.

    Funny how, after all the falls off the wagon and the drunken accidents and the crazy mugshots and any racial epithets they may care to enlighten us over, these now out-in-the-open douches swagger about, God’s gift to the world, untouched by any of it, with a new lady on each arm.

    Oh, to be a douche!

  • el pato

    tatertot, jessy, meganyore, i am so with you on this one.
    the guy is a total douchebag.
    to go around talking about what a ‘good catholic’ he is,
    how he had his own church built on his property!
    lying sack of s*&t!!
    typical of a lot of guys who can’t face getting older.
    go find a younger chicky, or go buy a corvett.
    trying to play the ‘nice guy’ that he is?
    what a jerk!
    i hope his wife takes him to the cleaners!!
    she’s earned it! 28 years with an alcoholic, she’s
    more than earned it.
    he can take his little ‘oksana’ and go buy her a new house. creep.

  • meganyore

    me too el pato! i hope she cleans him out too!
    HAHA hatchetwoman, i love it! i totally agree with you.
    i dont really know/care if this guy really IS a douche or not…like someone else said about sean penn, you never know what goes on behind closed doors. BUT.. i can pin point the exact moment where i just lost it for mel and its when he lost his grip on reality in malibu when he was arrested. i dont like you if you drink and drive in the first place. and to say a bunch of hurtful crap just puts the cherry on the cake that is his unpleasantness.
    its like when tom cruise started bouncing all over the place. he may or may not be totally CRAZY… but i can still pin point that exact moment where i started to think “mm..not so much tommy boy..no”
    him and mel never look the same to me after that. i dont even want to see anything they have been in!