We Totally Need To Make This The New Big Trend


An alert and astute mockdocker from Australia sent me a link to the most hilarious website.  

It appears to sell nothing but these “caftans” and the descriptions of these styles and of the caftans themselves are hysterical.   Leroy says they look like stuff Mrs. Roper from Three’s Company wears.  TOTALLY ACCURATE.

Just listen to how this one is described:

Comfortable and practical, our satiny soft caftans are ideal for lounging and relaxing, but are so elegant you can wear them while entertaining or even for a candlelight dinner for two.”

And that’s just the beginning, you guys.  I think we should all order them and wear them to work! Who’s with me?

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  • lizzieinatizz

    Erm….no thanks, we don’t really want to look like Demis Roussos!

  • mmgw

    Well, I’ll definitely be buying a “leopard skin” caftan in “lush 100% pure polyester”. As the site says, caftans are “Possibly one of the most stunning style statements of the 60s, 70s and 80s”.

    Since I can go to candlelight dinners and go on holidays and to the beach in the same garment (and even sleep in it), I need never buy another item of clothing again!

  • jessy

    welcome to hawaii my little corner of hell. although back in tennessee my mom wears them sometimes shes resigned herself to housecoats though now

  • http://www.myspace.com/dorkymcspazatron Olivia J. Snarkypants

    Hmmm…change the neckline a bit, make the sleeves a little longer, add a veil…oh…a satin burka, how nice.

  • Rachel

    Is it weird that I kind of want one? I wouldn’t wear it to work, but they’ve got to be comfortable.

  • Lyonella

    Ya! I’m all for it!
    No more annoying exercise routines!
    No more boring diets!
    No more uncomfortable undergarments!
    No more hairy leg embarrassment!
    Even covers tattoos!
    Do they come in a print with nekkid guys on surfboards?

  • Cate

    “Caftan” just sounds so much better than “muumuu”.

    The best thing: “One Size Fits All… From 8 to 24”

  • sunnyAZ

    Think I’ll pass, thanks anyway. Yikes!

  • bricejenn

    Muumuu was also the first thing that came to mind when I saw the picture. My grandma would have loved one!

  • long time reader

    For safety reasons, I don’t think a candlelight dinner is advisable in a 100% polyester tent,er,caftan. Just sayin’.

  • This is the End,,,

    I used to laugh at my mom for wearing these. When she had cancer she would bust out with one of these “Maude” lookin things and float around the house with it. Sometimes the back would crawl up her ass becauise Poleyster LOVES static! .

  • hurleyburleygirl

    If THIS is fashion then sweet Jesus…Take me now!!!!!!

    No way, no how, ain’t gonna do it. It screams, “I’ve decided to give in and be the fat sloppy sweaty cow I became after eating twinkies, ho-hos, ding dongs, and anything else artificial (and oh yes!) while drinking Tab.”

  • Little Eye

    Cate, that kind of leaves the little women behind (no Bob, not “little woman” derisively defined), as I’m only a 2 – 6 depending on the week of the month. I guess I’ll have to sit this one fad out.

  • jenn

    I’m thinking at the very least, a belt! But I would totally rock one if I had one.

  • http://themockdock.com Punky

    She’s missing the bright pink fuzzy slippers.

  • el pato

    punky, don’t forget the rhinestone studded sunglasses and a big
    colored drink with an umbrella in it!

  • http://meatlovingvegan.wordpress.com elizabeth.

    I’ve already ordered one in every color.

  • jenn

    I love the testimonials.

    “I love your clear and easy to read order form. The reply paid envelope is also great!”
    Mrs C, Victor Harbour

    Ummm…nothing about the quality of the caftan?

  • Benoit from Ottawa

    Mockarena, when I read your (condensed) “we should all wear one to work”, I thought “yes, men too, of course”.

  • Buckeye Bob

    Maybe you Benoit but You won’t get me in one of them. Well, unless a woman is still wearing it.

  • meganyore

    HAHAH you guys make me laugh!
    all i got to know is…what the eff kind of shoes am i suposed to wear with these? can i wear my birkenstocks?! AHHAHAA ewwww i can just imagine them paired up with an awful pair of crocs. gawd.

  • Captain Ana Banana

    People actually PAY for these? Why not just cut a hole in a pretty table cloth and wear it? THAT’S ALL I SEE!

  • Kami

    They have some really awful prints too. My mom still rocks these on occasion. She also wore these during her pregnancy circa 1983. I would admit that they probably are pretty comfortable and relatively cheap for the pregnant woman on the go! So much for feeling sexy with a bun in your oven while wearing this out fit.

  • Lyonella

    El Pato
    Thanks for the accessory suggestions! Duly noted!

  • Pris

    I don’t even see the pretty in the tablecloth.

  • http://themockdock.com Punky

    Meganyore – I already told you, she’s missing the pink fuzzy slippers!

  • meganyore

    lol yess maybe she can borrow some from the man child in the pink dress from the other post haha

  • QTKT526

    “prettier than a trash bag… introducing, the caftan”
    i hope it has a theme song jingle.
    also, megs, good call on pairing them with crocs, OFFICIALLY making it the most god-awful ensemble of all time!

  • Susan Parker

    I’ve stumbled on ANOTHER website which sells a LOT more caftans (probably several hundreds) than any site I’ve seen (not that I’m doing a research on caftans). If anyone here wants it…here it is: