Product Watch!

OMG – If I could find a way to cheaply product test these, I would do it in a heartbeat. I’m sure they’re hugely expensive though, and I can’t see where I’d get enough use out of them to justify the cost. But how FABULOUS are these horselegs?

I so want to see this chick gallop.

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  • Captain Ana Banana

    Giddy up!
    I want those too!!!!

  • Cheryl

    Hey Mock, I remember you writing a while back that you could trip over air…… Just saying this cause I am the same way and I get scared just looking at these things. 🙂

  • Benoit from Ottawa

    I’m trying to imagine a Vicky Beckam-suitable version. Probably have a two-inch square foot.

  • Anonymous

    Correction: another hyphen was needed, it ain’t a square foot:

    “I’m trying to imagine a Vicky Beckam-suitable version. Probably have a two-inch-square foot.”

  • meganyore

    this is for people that go to Renaissance fairs and sh*t. like the ppl in the movei Role Models (SO FUNNY!) in LAIR or whatever they called it! so funny

  • elizabeth.

    NO NO NO – there is a whole sub-culture of people who are obsessed with horses and want to do the dirty with them and wish they were half horse!

    I only know this because I stumpled upon a website searching for Sarah Jessica Parker Horse Face after reading something on this site… It’s really weird, and if I weren’t on my work computer, I would find a link.

  • Buckeye Bob

    I see horse toe!

    I hear her daddy was a big stud.

  • Punky

    Sarah Jessica Parker should have a pair.

  • Pris

    I’d love to have it!!! Would’ve broken my neck or all my teeth on the 1st try though….

  • meganyore

    ELIZABETH you are so right! what ARE those people called? they have like thier own litte community of horse people that like to act like horses and get ridden and brushed and wear (whats it called?) those things in their mouth…like reins…

  • Victor

    I think that’s what the guy who played Torgo was trying to make.

  • PurpleAnn

    When she is wearing the furry legs under the skirt, it looks so funny! I’d love to see her casually strolling down the street in these & watch people’s reactions. I bet her legs get tired-she is balanced on tiptoes.

  • Megan

    She does have some support under her foot, but it’s like wearing very complicated high heels.

    And there’s a play about bestiality with horses, it’s called “Equus”. Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) was in it, where he was naked except for a wire horse head around his “wand”.

  • el pato

    victor, i think you and i may be the only ones here who know who
    ‘torgo’ was! excellent reference!!
    now if only we had the music to go along with it!

  • bricejenn

    “those things in their mouth…like reins…”
    I believe that they are called bits which are attached to the reins.

    I kept waiting to see if the front half of the horse would ever show up in the video.

  • Megan

    Yeah, the metal part of the bridle (the part on the horse’s head) is the bit, and the reins attach to it, usually.

  • Victor

    thank you, El Pato. And I’ve now got the haunting Torgo Theme going thru my head, for which I … thank… you.


  • el pato

    victor, is that the mst3k version?
    “your piz-za!”
    “hey, it’s still warm!”

  • jimmysmitsfromtvslalaw

    After seeing that picture I am instantly reminded of the Charlie Sheen film “the Arrival.” That movie freaked my S#!T out, and now I am perhaps even more freaked.

  • foxy

    Okay, so i found your blog while searching for the truth about kinoki pads… and i am here to stay, sister! You are DANG funny.

    And wtf with this horse feet?? so incredibly strange and just… WTF?

  • Mockarena

    Welcome, foxy!! Glad you’re here! 🙂