American Idol Recap


How much do you love this photo of what could quite possibly be the ugliest mug shot EVER?  And I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking – what does this hideous mugshot have to do with American Idol?  And the answer is NOTHING.  Jump in for the recap!

Lil Rounds – I’m Every Woman:  I don’t care how many “Come on, y’alls” she threw out – this was pure suckage.  She could be the only contestant ever, if memory serves, to get progressively worse every single week.  I mean, there have been plenty of bad contestants, but they’ve been consistently bad.  She started out great early on in the season, but she has just plummeted into the depths of suckage.  She needs to go.

Kris Allen – She Works Hard For The Money:  “The song is about a woman with a great work ethic.”  Wow.  Profound.   I think I could have gotten into this arrangement if it had been, oh I don’t know, not sung by him.  I can’t take much more of his crazy off-to-the-side mouth.  But he sounded all right.  I just don’t particularly like him.

Danny Gokey – September:  I love this song so much.  I love Danny so much. I loved this performance SO MUCH.  LOVE.  GIVE HIM THE CONTRACT.

Alison Iraheta – Hot Stuff:  Alison kicks ass.  I don’t know that I’d ever buy a CD of hers, but there is no question that she can rock. it. OUT.  She should be in the top 3 FO SHO.

Adam Lambert – If I Can’t Have You:  Wait – he started out mellow, and then allowed some build up, and then threw in his standard and customary dying cat shriek?  Wow.  Didn’t see that coming (snort).  Ok ok.  He’s good.  He is. He’s incredibly talented.  I don’t deny it.  And he’s a PR dream – always with the right thing to say.  But I HATE HIM.  And you can’t convince me otherwise.

Matt Giraud – Staying Alive:  I actually thought this was pretty good.  I’m not usually a Matt Fan, but the hat covered his giant 3rd eye, and that greatly helped my enjoyment of the performance.

Anoop Desai – Dim All The Lights:  God bless ‘im in his little pink vest.  He’s got a really pleasant voice, but this bored the crap out of me.

He’s going to be in the bottom 3, along with Matt and Lil.   And Matt and Lil should go home.


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  • cynthia

    When I saw the hat on Matt, I knew that you would be happy !

  • Anonymous

    Oh, how I love Kris Allen, he is truly an artist who has some originality.
    Mock, gotta agree with you on Lil, Adam and Anoop. You hit the nail on the head.
    Cynthia, I had the same thought as you when Matt came out 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Ah, send Lil home. She can’t sing anymore or she can, but just won’t, and that deserves for her to go home. And Gokey was awesome!!!

  • Wiggity

    September is my song and I don’t think Danny rocked it anywhere near being E,W & F worthy, but he is good. Why don’t they just get rid of the miserable 4 and get it over with. We all know it’s just a matter of time. I guess in two more weeks we’ll get to the real competition.

  • meganyore

    the best part of Idol is the Mock Dock the next day I swear! haha
    Lil Rounds…”come on ya’ll” and “suckage” basically that sums it up. good job!! haha
    Kris- oh comeone Mockerna!! i thought this was one of the best all night! if he put out non-sucky music i might buy his album. i like his crooked mouth :o)
    Danny- LOVE him. not EW&F status..cos u can NOT touch them…but he did as well as could have been done i think. plus he is just too cute. and paula was right…his voice IS sexy!
    Alison- i loved it! totally rock and roll, she made it her own and i love her voice. totally OG and shes effing 16. come. ON. she should DEF be in the top 3!!
    at least HE looked like a decent human being! ugh. i hate his im going to be so so pissed when he wins. eff you america..ok. im just like shocked beyong belief the judges eat his Sh*t up. WHY?! yea hes talented, but it doesnt mean it sounds good!
    Matt-i thought he did ok. im over him basically. glad his third eyeball had a night off
    okim done :o)