Idol Night!


You guys – Simon Cowell may not be coming back to Idol after this season.  I’m telling you right now, that unless they replace him with someone equally fabulous, I will not watch it.  And you know American Idol is totally FREAKING OUT about the possibility of me, Mockarena, not watching the show.  

Anyway, I’ve kind of resigned myself to the fact that Adam The Freak Lambert is going to win this season.  There are too many freak-lovers out there for him not to win.  So I guess I’ll just have to be happy if my beloved Gokey comes in second.  Sigh.  He’ll still get a record deal, and I’ll still buy his CD, and I’ll still totally mock and snub my nose at Adam’s CD.  So all is well.

Now then.  On to the recap.

Alison Iraheta – I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing:  Can I express to you my total hatred for this song?  HATE.  The only time this song was remotely tolerable was during the braces incident in The Sweetest Thing.  HAlarious.  Anyway, my hatred for this song completely clouded my ability to appreciate Alison’s vocals.  I think they might have been mostly good, but I can’t be certain because of all the hatred.  For that horrific song.  HATE. Still like Alison loads though.

Anoop Desai – Everything I Do:  Oh, hi one-trick pony!  Another ballad, you say?  Well, color me SHOCKED.  Actually, this was really one of his better performances, but soooooooo boring. 

The Freak – Born To Be Wild:  Ok – I’ll be honest.  He has amazing vocals.  It’s just that I hate them.  This guy belongs on a broadway stage or in a drag show on the Vegas strip.  He doesn’t belong on my radio.  HATE.

Matt Giraud – Have You Really Ever Loved A Woman:  FYI, Matt.  You are not Justin Timberlake.  Hey – you guys – has he had that giant 3rd eye for the entire season or has it just been the last couple of weeks?  Because it is SO DISTRACTING.  This was by far the worst he’s done to date.  HORRIFIC.

Danny Perfection Gokey – Endless Love:  Chills.  Love.  I don’t know that it was his best ever, in fact I know it wasn’t, but I. LOVE. Him. So. Much.

Kris Allen – Falling Slowly:  I’m starting to get annoyed by what has quickly become ballad night.  This song was way too low for him at the beginning.  And the rest of it was just blah.

Lil Rounds – The Rose:  I thought for sure she was going to sing something from The Bodyguard.  And you know what?  She probably should have.  This sucked donkey balls.

So basically, everyone should just go home except for Danny, Adam and Alison.  I’m tired of all of them.

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  • sln

    I don’t usually watch American Idol but I am tonight for the first time, and I thought the freaky dude (who perhaps sings better on other songs) quite sucked on born to be wild..didn’t seem like he really sang it to me just, you know, talked loud.

  • Punky

    I stopped watching American Idol the year they let that pig with the internet pictures of her bl*wing her boyfriend stay on the show. I thought I’d miss it, but I’ve been enjoying So You Think You Can Dance so much more! My sister likes Adam Lambert. Look at it this way Mock, most of the winners of Idol don’t really stay on top of the charts!

  • crazy52686

    As always, I’m a major Gokehead, and I think that after tonight’s performances, Anoop, Matt, or Lil should go home. I keep wanting to hate Adam’s voice, but I can’t.

  • green eyed girl

    I like Aerosmith but after I watched Armageddon all I could think was “there’s 2 hours of my life I can’t get back.” The song reminds me of the movie, thus I don’t care for it either. And honestly, Alison has a good voice but I thought her performance last night was BAD. She’ll get a record deal whether she wins or not.

    Danny, love him. Kris, I thought he did pretty well because Falling Slowly isn’t easy to sing.

    Adam Lambert, his voice is amazing. But he needs to go. Get a part on Broadway which is where he belongs.

    Lil Rounds. She’s got a gospel voice so I immediately thought last night when they announced movie night that she would sing Amazing Grace from the movie of the same name. The song is a nice twist on an old favorite and she would have blown people away. But no…..

    Just my opinion…

  • meganyore

    im so with you mock..if simon is gone i am too. i just would not be able to stand it without him. half the time hes the only one that makes any sense. and this whole 2 judges at a time BS is just sto dumb! i hated that i hope they never do it again.
    last night was totally boring from everyone except Q.T whom i just loved for being such a freak. i want to kiss his smushy face.

    Alison, i hate this song as well but she sang it pretty good. im starting to hope shes in the bottom2. come on GIRLS. the girls sucked this year, eh?

    Anoop-I just love him. hes so cute. and his parents are so squeezable. this song was SO boring, but he sounded SO good

    the Freak- last week…i gotta say.. he actually won me over. i mean i LOVED his performance of Mad World. I almost wanted to watch it again. almost. but this week he was back to his trademark screeching. i think hes going to win. im pissed. but whatevs…tat doesnt mean aNYTHINg as far as im concerned. i think ALL of these guys could be sucessful and i would never buy anything adamthefreaklambert put out. but…i DO like that he works with the band, every week its something new and never boring…so…i kind of like him as a person i just hate his voice most the time

    Matt- hes ALWAYS had it mock! i like this kid..i do. the first part of the song i thought was really good, but then in the middle he completely lost it. i think he might be out.

    Dany was just too adorable. i decided this is the song him and his wife danced to on their wedding. i decided. i would buy his album. i would listen to him on the radio. i love him.

    kris allen- meh. good song, but strange choice. hes got some chops for sure but i think hes too good looking. like a puppy. that signs out the side of its mouth..

    Lil- i feel bad for her. every week i really WANT her to do good. but every week im just like “meh” over her. i think she might be in trouble too.

    who do u think is gona be voted out?!