Idol Night – Please God Don’t Let The Shrieky Dude Win


I’m so happy because tonight marks the first top 12 night which is only an hour long.  Don’t get me wrong, I love American Idol, but 1.5 hours or 2 hours is just far too long.  One hour?  Perfect.

I cannot tell you how much I DON’T want Adam Lambert to win.  HATE him.

Now then – on with the recap.

The Perfection That Is Danny Gokey – Stand By Me:  I loved this arrangement.  I love the song. I love his cute little family. I love him. LOVE.

Kris Allen – All She Wants To Do Is Dance:  I never thought I would hear a jazz version of this song.   And frankly, I was better off not having heard one.  I thought this was pure crap. 

Lil Rounds – What’s Love Got To Do With It: Do they judges not realize that she’s not always on key?  They fuss over her “amazing vocals” all the time, but I just don’t think they’re all that great.  She moved just like Tina Turner though.  I’ll give her that.   She should be in the bottom 3 without question.

Anoop Desai – Time After Time:  I love this song, but thought Anoop was off-pitch a BUNCH during the slow beginning part.  The rest of it was just weird and so far away from the original arrangement that I kind of wanted to punch him in the face.  I can’t believe the judges liked it at all.  I think they might just feel bad for him.

Scott McIntyre – The Search Is Over:  God bless ‘im.  God bless him and his crazy googly eyes and his super wide open mouth.  He is SO PRECIOUS.  But I thought this was kind of a disaster.

Alison Iraheta – I Can’t Make You Love Me:  This is one of my favorite songs EVER, and even though her voice is amazing, I felt like she was too much of a tough girl to do it justice.  This isn’t a rocking out song.  This is a gentle and tender and yearning type of song.  No like.

Matt Giraud – Part Time Lover:  OMG this was horrible, on so many levels.  There was just way way way too much stuff he was trying to do with it.  YUCK.  I have no idea what the judges were smoking, and I have a feeling when they watch the replay they’ll be like, “WTF? He sounded like crap.”   

Adam The Shrieking Dying Cat Lambert:  Ridiculous.  And not in a good way.  I DO NOT UNDERSTAND the judges tonight.  Is it me?  Am I hormonal?  What the hell is going on?

I can’t even tell you who I think should be in the bottom 3 because so many of them should be going home right now.   I’ll just say, even though that I hate him, that Adam should end up in the top 3, alongside Danny and Alison.  And then Danny should win.  The end.


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  • Ashley_Judd

    It’s time for Danny “sounds the same every week” Goke-head to go home … do we really need another Taylor Hicks? Please, please send him home!!!

  • SJS

    Adam Lambert is a genius, and you’ll watch him win.

  • Hypersom

    Adam is awesome and THE most talented one of the lot. He and Allison will duke it out for the title. And he will win. Super talented dude! And Anoop sang True Colors by Cyndi Lauper I believe.

  • PurpleAnn

    What a disturbing picture! Is he trying to look like a Clockwork Orange character?

  • crazy52686

    Come on, who are we kidding? Gokey rocks. Always. I agree with your final top three picks. I think this week Anoop or Lil’ are going to go home. But Scott should be in the bottom 3.

  • Elisabeth

    I LOVED Matt Giruad…I thought he was great. I have disliked Adam from the beginning, but he is growing on me and I liked this week a lot (although I hated last week) and I loved Allison this week.

    Danny was boring. Again. I am getting so bored with him – although he is super likable.

    I hope Scott goes home because he hasn’t been good in weeks.

  • Jessy

    i think the novelty of scott has worn off..:(

  • april f.

    I try to not watch AI because it just angers me and Adam Lambert ruined a perfectly good song. I sat through his ear raping performance of Mad World and I wish I hadn’t.

  • Wiggity

    AI was extremely boring last night. I had to fast forward through many songs. Whether you like Adam or not, you have to admit he is interesting and I can’t wait to see what he’s going to do. I wasn’t crazy about the way Danny sang Stand by Me. I like Alison’s voice, and I think it will be among the three of them at the end.

  • anonandon

    My two cents is that Adam is the most interesting AI contestant in a long time. He’s a true performer and artist. Gokey is a good singer but dull, dull, dull. Blind Scott has a remarkable story but his run should be over, as should Lil’s. The other two guys – Matt and Kris – are both hit or miss, but mostly forgettable. Allison is the only other contestant besides Adam who is capable of delivering the wow factor, but bottom line is she’s just too young.

  • hofmonster

    I can’t believe you hate Adam – all these years of reading you and this is the 1st thing we have ever disagreed on. This is better than a best friend!