An alert and astute mockdocker sent me a link to a product called the Peekaru.  It’s pictured below.


When I saw this picture, I was like, “Aww – that’s cute.  That’s like a Baby Bjorn, only warmer and cozier and more fashionable.”  And then I thought, “I wonder why the alert and astute mockdocker sent this to me – seeing as how it’s a totally regular not-at-all-out-of-the-ordinary unmockable product.”

And then I saw THIS photo of it:


That’s just creepy.

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  • rosie too

    Oooh…it’s like that scene from Total Recall. Creepy.

  • Johnny C

    I was thinking it was more like Alien.

  • ME

    I always wanted a little child to break through my chest. how adorable

  • Mikey

    This human/marsupial garment is sick and wrong.

  • Diana

    Yeah. Definite Chestburster vibe off that thing.

  • Pris

    Me too, totally Alien o_O

  • meganyore

    HAHHAAHA my dog had to come over and wag her tail to see what i was laughing at so hard. i love this shi* ! hahha

  • Hatchetwoman

    For the woman who never tired of her pregnancy …

  • Mona

    Totally agree with Johnny C. I saw Alien immediately…

  • QuiteContrary

    Hatchetwoman – I am with you…
    Ug… at 11 weeks pregnant, I am ready to be done… Why would you want to wear baby like this?

  • tep1031

    How do you get this thing on & off with the baby stuck inside it? I’m imagining trying to pull off a shirt without dropping the baby. Strange.

  • Little Eye

    Total Recall. Definitely Total Recall.

  • Mikey

    Hollywood Ho wannabees could carry Vern Troyer around in one of those!

  • Jessy

    watch as the baby kangaroo attempts to escape from the mothers smothering love