Gokey Night


You know why I’m a Gokehead, besides the fact that Danny’s voice completely blows me away?  I love that he is the anti-media person.  Like – his wife freaking DIED a few months ago, and this past weekend he had to attend his grandpa’s funeral, and he just never uses the crappy stuff that happens to him as a way to gain the affection of voters.  He just sings.  I love that.

Now then.  On to the performances.

Anoop – Caught Up:  There is something totally inappropriate about Anoop acting like a sexual being.  I mean, it’s fine if he IS, but I just don’t really want to see it.  I thought this was just ok, because the song has about 3 notes in it.  It’s not like it really shows anything, other than a person trying to be a sexual being, which again – not something I want to see out of Anoop.  Robbie Williams?  Yes.  Anoop?  Not so much.  I also didn’t like how high and mighty he got when he was criticized.

Megan Joy – Turn Your Lights Down Low:  You know what she should do?  Sit when she sings.  This would prevent the utter Elaine Benes phenomenon that takes over her body when she moves.  Besides that, you know what she should do?  Stop wearing so many necklaces.  You know what else she should do?  STOP SINGING.  Horrific.  P.S. I wrote down the sitting thing BEFORE Paula said it.  But the fact that Paula and I shared a thought completely freaks me out.

Danny Gokey – What Hurts The Most:  For God’s sake, just give him the contract right now. I don’t even like this song.  And he made me like it.  I could not love him any more.

Alison Iraheta – Don’t Speak:  Gorgeous beginning.  That soft quiet part was INSANELY good. The rest was ok, but it wasn’t my favorite thing from her.  And yeah – her outfit was terrible.  Oddly, it looked a lot like Paula’s dress.

Quick unrelated sidenote – I cannot WAIT for that new show Glee.  Have I mentioned to you all that I was dance captain in my high school show choir?  Yeah.  I was. 

Scott McIntyre – Just The Way You Are:  I love this song so much.  They really fluffed up his hair for this performance, didn’t they?  He is so completely precious, and without question I think Megan Joy and even Anoop should leave before he does, but he is really in the junior varsity section of this school.   You know what I mean?   I love him, but I wouldn’t buy his CD.  I mean, we already HAVE a Josh Groban.  And we already have Josh Groban hair.  P.S.  I want to hug his sister.

Matt Giraud – You Found Me:  Here’s the thing about The Fray.  The lead vocalist isn’t a good singer.  He’s just quirky sounding, and somehow it works.  So trying to sound just like him?  Not the best idea.  I’m starting to get distracted by the third eye on his forehead.  Dude needs to have that thing gnawed off.

Lil Rounds – Some Celine Dion Song: Not a fan of the hair this week.  And you know what?  I’m over her.  She sounds like about a million other people who are already making records, only she’s not as good.  There were moments in this song that I literally cringed in pain.  I don’t, at this point, even really understand why the judges give her any praise at all.  But her kid hugging on Randy?  PRECIOUS.

Adam Lambert – Play That Funky Music:  Ok.  This was kinda awesome.  I’m still sick of him trying to be Axl Rose and Steven Tyler and every other singer who shrieks like a dying cat when they sing, but I can admit when someone is good.  And he is.  It’s just that I HATE HIM.  I hate his style, I hate his look, and I would never in a billion years buy his crap.  But yeah – this was good.

Kris Allen – Ain’t No Sunshine:  You know what?  I completely forgot about him until the moment he came on stage.  You know what he does?  He licks his lips constantly like LL Cool J.  That bugs me.  But I have to say, this was flat awesome.  I loved it…UNTIL the last note, when it was just RUINED.  But overall – this was great.

Bottom Three?  If there was justice, it’d be Lil, Megan, and Anoop – with Megan getting the boot.

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