Best. Pants. EVER.


And by that I of course mean that these pants are the WORST.  These are mink pants.  Pants made of mink.

This is apparently some dude who knows someone on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta, which is apparently a show that people apparently watch.  I do not.  And one of the reasons I don’t is that people on that show wear MINK PANTS.

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  • bobcat

    It looks like sombody tore the fabric off his couch and made him a pair of pants.

  • Christine

    At first glance, I thought this guy was the bottom half of a two man horse costume.

  • rosie too

    Hope the house is air conditioned. Nothing like bottom half flop sweat.

  • el pato

    ha! i was going to say it looked like the lower half of a

  • okay…

    No, a gay man in mink pants is EXACTLY why you should watch the show.

  • Mikey

    He came from an audition of the show Pimp My Pants

  • Buckeye Bob

    This guy has furry pants and tits. WTF?

  • Jenn

    That’s hawtt.

  • Benoit from Ottawa

    I’m with B. Bob. This is a man?

    Ah, the excess of success. Like them blingy rappers.

    Back to this um man. He’s the most expensive ‘furry’ I’ve ever seen.

  • Anonymous99

    That’s an awfully feminine top for a man. Those pants are just silly. Just because you have enough money to buy them and a designer is rediculous to make them does not mean anyone should actually buy them!

    I do like the shoes being worn by the woman behind him though! (the slides/clogs – not the boots)

  • Anonymous

    oops – ridiculous not rediculous. Really, I did complete the 4th grade!

  • Punky

    Is it a Plushies and Furries Convention?

  • Lyonella

    OOOOOOOO isn’t he/she all PERKY and all!

  • meganyore

    he should get together with Usher, who, for your information, has a MINK COUCH. need i say more?

  • f***-yoga

    those arent mink pants, thats the guy in the bear costume with the top off.