Kingsford Goes to the Beach – video powered by Metacafe

An alert and astute mockdocker sent this to me and if this doesn’t make you want to just run out and find the nearest baby piglet to cuddle with, I don’t know if we can be friends.

You know what government should be spending money on instead of the auto industry? Figuring out a scientific way to prevent piglets from growing up. THAT is something I would feel good about spending my tax dollars on.

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  • el pato

    he’s adorable!!

  • QuiteContrary

    I am pretty much in-love with this piglet.

    How do you train a little piggy to be like that? He was doing better than most puppies!

  • Jenn

    If only he would stay so tiny! I would have six of them. In my walk-up apartment in NYC. I might need to have my block zoning changed to ‘agricultural’, though…

  • bobcat

    Where can I get one of these little gizmos.

  • tara

    I want one so badly now!Hes so cute!

  • Pris

    TOO CUTE!!!!! Yet…. they do grow and need attention discipline yard etc… read a lot about them since I wanted to get one a few years ago, at a shelter many get dropped off after the cuteness is replaced by stubbornness (they’re smart and headstrong, so you gotta keep them active and be patient)
    Worried the lady was gonna step on it when she was running o_O
    Oh and not such a good idea to take them to the beach, I’ve hit headfirst at a corpse of a baby pig once when I was snorkeling and was told they get drowned quite easily, getting caught on the currents…

  • Hurleyburleygirl

    After the day from hell I am having I see this sweet chubbaloni.
    I- am – in – love…..I love this piggy!!!! He made me smile. đŸ™‚

  • Buckeye Bob

    They’re realy quite practical. Makes for a good pet while their small and when they get large and stubborn they make a good pork roast.

  • Hurleyburleygirl

    Actually, I hate to say this but it’s true. My mother had a pet pig named Paco in Sincelejo, Colombia and sadly, one day it was clipped by a truck rolling through town and mami said they were poor and had to eat him. I was so sad …but she was poor..and hungry…and so Paco was a cerdo asado that night.

  • cowgirl

    do a google search on “pigs miniature” – or – check this out!

  • Mikey

    If I paid 4 G’s for a mini-pig I doubt that I’d eat it. I did like the way that tiny piglet in the video chased that hissing Siamese cat.

  • meerman

    ok..i never comment, but i can’t resist publicly stating that this little pig is awesome. This creates a very difficult scenario for me: my love of bacon is now conflicting with my affinity for this pig. Mockarena, you are right. They should only let bacon-worthy pigs get big, the rest should stay like this and spared the frying pan.

  • Glydar

    awwwwwwwwwww, i want oneee

  • meganyore

    yea hes cute but people with pigs weird me out. cuddle one, sure. I’d love to. but own one in my home? are you kidding me?!
    really the best part of this post is this sentence…
    “if that doesnt want to make you run out and find the nearest baby little piglett to cuddle with, i dont know if we can be friends.”

  • elizabeth.

    aw! I was totally obsessed with piggies when I was little. and I STILL want one!

    too cute!