I don’t know about you guys, but I think it’s sweet that Cristina Aguilera lets her toddler cut her bangs.

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  • R

    Remember Demi Moore in “About Last Night…” from the 80s? Same bangs, right?

  • ME

    Maybe the short jagged look is coming back? I mean, it works well with the curls.

  • Bunny

    You know, she and Melania Trump could be best buds. They both look absolutely furious in every photo taken of them.

  • Ka-Duh

    I didn’t even notice the bangs at first… my eyes were blinded by the neon pink goo on her lips.

  • Nancy

    My hair looked like that after I cut my bangs while hung over a long time ago, and I was horrified with the results. Maybe if I had tried some neon lipstick it would have distracted others from the cut.

  • Katie B

    You are all wrong. Clearly, she just woke up from a nap to find her kid used her play lipstick on her and cut her bangs. That’s why she looks to angry.

  • rosie too

    Must admit, I kinda like the bangs. I want to scrub her face and put in about a jillion low lights, but the short bangs are so much better than those super-long, flat-ironed things she used to have.

  • elizabeth.

    I agree with Ka-duh. Didn’t even notice.

    I had a hair dresser do this to me about a year ago. It’s pretty agonizing waiting for them to grow out.