You Know What I Hate?


I hate hair that goes past, say, the middle of a person’s lower back.  That Crystal Gayle, long, mousy stringy brown hair.  This doesn’t look good on anyone.  And seriously – how much of a pain must it be to try and take care of it? 

Come to think of it, perhaps the reason it always looks so mousy and stringy and gross on people is because of how much of a pain it is to take care of.

You know what I hate most about this kind of hair? The way that women who have it tend to act as though others are actually envious of their hair, versus the reality, which is that everyone is grossed out by it.


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  • Bunny

    As someone who has lived a follicularly-challenged life, I would trade the Gollum-like hair I currently have for Crystal Gayle hair anyday. I’d just wear it in a bun or something. It’d be a zillion times better than what I have.

  • Zachary

    I knew a girl who never had a haircut. Her hair was super-long, and it was all gross. She never took care of it, basically, which is why it got all gross.

  • Hatchetwoman

    I was going to say, that the trick isn’t to grow your hair, it’s to take good care of it.

    Why do so many women cry on those makeover shows, when their disgusting, dry, damaged long wisps are cut off? I just don’t get that.

  • jenn

    you know the bottom 3 feet are all split ends and tangles.

  • Pris

    Follicularly-challenge & Gollum-like?! LMAO (sorry for laughing, my sister is like that too, but then she bleaches her hair too much)

    What bothers me is imagining how many times (specially at night when the person’s very sleepy) the hair ends up in the toilet… o_O

  • Olivia J. Snarkypants

    I have massive amounts of super thick, course hair. Right now it’s the longest it’s been in memory and reaches just where my lower back curves. I hate it. I am too lazy to sit in a chair long enough to get it cut, and my last cut was 12 Feb 08. I’m in the military and wear it in a bun everyday. My bun is getting big. I can’t stand having it so long because I tend to lean against it in a chair and then when I look down it’s like I’m on a leash and my head jerks. My boyfriend has been known to roll over and lay right on my hair. ow. Not a cool way to wake up. I need a haircut. But it’s very clean. I always wash it after PT, which sadly, some girls don’t do. ick…

  • QuiteContrary

    Her would look nice… and still quite long if she would cut it to her waist…
    There is no nood for the additional 3.5 feet…

    And being a girl that comes from a mother that does envy that look… I know some women do… However I haven’t had my hair below my shoulders since I was 17.

    I’m not sure what motivates some women to want their hair to look that gross… but I think it’s a disease.

  • Christine

    Mock, are you sure that is Crystal Gayle? I was looking at her website and her hair neither looks that thick, that light brown, or that unkept. The pics on her website also have her looking a lot thinner.

  • Anonymous

    Also, Crystal is pushing 60 years old, and this woman doesn’t look that old.

  • green eyed girl

    Mockarena said the Crystal Gayle look… not CG. Either one… bleh. Not a good look and I agree, the last few inches must be split ends.

  • Little Eye

    And there are way too many people out in the world beyond those tresses who would love to have that hair for a wig, be it from cancer or another health emergency!

  • Benoit from Ottawa

    It’s letting your freak flag fly a little far, fer shure.

    I once read in a first person account that dating someone with hair waistlong or longer is like dating two people: the woman, and the hair.

    You have to be aware of it, and she has to look after it like a pet.

    S h i v e r s

  • Benoit from Ottawa

    Grossout warning: a long hair site.

    The management declines any respons…

  • Sunshyndrmr

    I have had short (like chin length) for YEARS and my boyfriend was dying to see it long. So I’ve been growing it for about 15 months. I hadn’t had it cute in 14 month and was going crazy. My hair grows very fast but had it not been for the wonderful gadget my friend invented, the Split-ender that cuts 1/8″ off the end of your hair I would’ve gone nuts. But at month 14 when I could look down and see split ends far beyond what the split ender could take care of I was instantly off to the hairdressers. Only got about 1 1/2″ off but man it felt sooooo much better. I couldn’t handle having unhealthy hair like that

  • Little Eye

    Ok, Benoit, I bit and looked. That was just too gross; it also hit me that so much hair has got to add a lot of superfluous weight. If your hair is as heavy and thick as mine is, anyway.

  • Punky

    Yeah, Little Eye, imagine how happy Locks of Love would be to get that hair as a donation. I have to say I prefer the woman in the picture to the weird Indian guy with the long ear hair.

  • ER

    I hate it when men have long hair. Not only does it look stupid, but generally it’s all greasy and gross.

  • ER

    Benoit – those pictures were scary. That would give any trichophobic an instant coronary 🙂

  • Pris

    Cousin IT

  • meganyore

    if you can wipe your ass with your hair…its time for a trimmy trim.

  • Psykogrl

    my hair is nearly down to the bottom of my back and it’s not gross like that…. It helps to take care of it and using lots of conditioner… I love my long hair, but I wouldn’t let it get beyond my lower back.

  • jv

    I absolutely love long hair and always have. I can’t believe that almost everyone here does NOT. Almost all women look better with long hair. Few women with short hair look good- and you have to have a certain kind of face for it

  • Benoit from Ottawa

    meganyore: made me laugh out loud

    jv: it’s more the extra, extra-long hair that bothers.

    All: long hair works better when the wearer is young (nicer hair, for one thing), but even way back I recall disliking hair that became like another person in its presence, and in its constant call for attention from the owner and anyone within a yard’s distance.

  • Hatchetwoman

    My sis-in-law had really long hair for a while — it was so long and thick that she broke countless hair clips and barrettes. She also couldn’t wear it up for long because it made her head and neck hurt. She’s finally cut it to just above waist length — much more manageable and just as attractive.

  • Rob

    Good. Leave Crystal and her sexy long hair to me!

  • Argri Konu

    Just because you do not like it doesn’t mean it is “gross”, rather hair is long or short it is all cleaned the same way. Personal hair preference is just that a personal decision and a personal taste. You know what I hate? I hate ugly hearted people who judge others on their choice of appearance. I mean seriously grow the fu*k up! I knew people like you in high school, they were called bullies and bullies are never ever cool.

  • Scott Myers

    And this is coming from whom? If a women takes care of her hair she usually will look much younger with long hair. Hair down to butt is very sexy and at least down to waist is best. Women with short hair just assume it’s easier to take care of but they are wrong. Long hair can be very easy to maintain and easier to style compared to the boring short hairstyles. Short hair in my opinion is boring and not very sexy. The longer the better!

  • Charles Lochet

    just don’t agree at all! In my opinion, hair start to look really great past middle of people’s back, wait it great, but tailbone is even greater, and best is butt length! longer looks truly fantastic and Crystal Gayle is my all time hero!