Idol Recap – Top 11 – CALLING ALL GOKEHEADS!


Jump in for the American Idol recap of the Top 11 – It’s Country Week – so I’m especially hostile this evening.  🙂  But I love me some Danny Gokey, and I’m still feeling all sorts of proud of my “Gokeheads” name.  So let’s begin.

Are Randy Travis and Lyle Lovett related?  Seriously.  I’m being serious.  I seriously wonder this, because they are like identical twins.

Keep in mind I do not ever listen to country, unless it’s old old country style stuff like Johnny Cash or Willie Nelson, so I barely know any of these songs.  You’re lucky, frankly, I stayed awake for this.  Anyway, as Simon would say, Off We Go.

Michael Sarver:  This song had lots and lots and lots of words in it.  I think the general idea is that it’s hard to say that many words really fast, which the song apparently requires.  So with that in mind, I think Michael did a fine job singing all of the words.   Randy said the song didn’t showcase his voice well.  HELLO – that’s because it’s country music.

Sidenote:  Paula’s got her Tori Spelling boobs on full display tonight.

Allison Iraheta:  Here’s the thing.  I’m not a country fan.  Have I mentioned that?  I still maintain that Allison’s got a great voice, but you can’t tell with this kind of music.  I think Simon described it best when he said the song was “tuneless.”   But still, I think she sang it well.  And if she didn’t have on like 48 pieces of jewelry and purple hair, I would have said that she looked completely adorable too. 

Kris Allen:  I recognized this song!  YAY!  You know what I hate?  I hate that he sings out of just one corner of his mouth.  I thought he sang it well, up until that last sort of painful falsetto note.

Lil Rounds:  I know this song too!!!  She looked completely gorgeous in that pink dress, but it was so NOT a country music dress.  Plus, no one can sing this but Martina.  I actually thought Lil was off pitch in a bunch of places.  No like.

Adam Lambert:  Holy crap could he have MORE MAKE-UP on?  I love how completely baffled Randy Travis was by him.  LOVE.  Obviously, I know this song too, but it was basically unrecognizable.  I mean, if it was possible to have relations of a sexual nature with a song, then that is how I would describe what Adam Lambert was doing.  Singing?  No.  Having sex with the song?  Yes.  And I will admit he’s got amazing vocals, particularly if you like the sound of cats fighting.  But I HATE him.  Last week he was just annoying, but this week I actually hate him.

Scott McIntyre:  Again, can I just say how precious he is?  You know who he reminds me of a little – with the expressions he makes?  Art Garfunkel.  Who, by the way, is also precious.  I’m not familiar with this song, but I thought he was awesome.  LOVE HIM.

Alexis Grace:  I’ve decided that she is the lovechild of Pat Benatar and Cyndi Lauper.  Who’s with me on this?  I like her voice and thought this was good.  Not blown away, but good.

Danny THE GOD OF THIS SEASON Gokey: LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE him.  He can do no wrong.  Except maybe the jacket.  Regardless – they should just give him the contract right now.

Anoop Desai:  YAY!  Another song I know.  And actually, I love this song.   And he sang it beautifully.  Go Anoop!!!

Megan Joy:  She looked like Angelina Jolie and Amy Winehouse (sober) fused together tonight.  She really is gorgeous but this was AWFUL.  Just awful.

Matt Giraud:   I get why people like him.  I really do.  But I’m just not that into him.

I think Matt or Megan ought to be getting the boot.


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  • cyazdani

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Anoop!! I was so happy he redeemed himself tonight. Of course Danny did well – that’s just a given. But did you catch the stink-eye he was giving Randy when Randy was critiquing him? You could just catch a second of it…then he realized the camera was on him and he was all smiles again.

    P.S. I have a friend who lives in Conway, AR – Kris Allen’s hometown. I inquired about that sweet pad, and she informed me that he actually lives above the store she works in. So, I guess I have that inside connection on Kris Allen…for what it matters.

    P.S.S. I do not like the sitar, or whatever the instrument was that makes all the twanging, uncomfortable notes in Adam’s song.

  • tara

    I love anything Gokey does pretty much, and I really want Matt to get off next, because I just don’t think he has any personality.

  • Anonymous

    I just have to say that I was watching idol in my sun room and my husband was in the next room falling asleep on the couch with no tv on in there.. Well, after Danny sang (and i was trying hard to stifle my tears and sniffling from my husband’s earshot) my hubby yelled to me “Hey, was that one of the contestants?” I said yes..he said “that guy was REALLY good”. my husband is NOT a complimentor by any means!! in fact, I call him “robocop” often, so this was HUGE.

  • Wiggity

    I have to say I am a fan of Adam. He’s like the hot, older Jonas Brother. The song he did was a little strange and a little feminine the way he sang it. I like Megan, but she has yet to really sing a song. I call it talking with flair.

    It cracked me up when Paula told Scott he should do something besides sit at the piano. Ya Scott, can’t you dance around the stage or something. I was totally with Simon on the “what do you expect him to do?”

  • meganyore

    🙁 im sad i missed out last night but i have it on DVR. so im going to watch it tonight and totally re-comment on it!
    i hope adam gets kicked out. he IS a cutie pie i gotta admit, at least he WOULD be it if werent for his Tranny style. and his horrible Emo haircut!

  • meganyore

    ok. im totally with you on hatred for adam lambert. the only good thing about him butchering the f*CK out of poor ol johhny cashs CLASSIC, UNTOUCHABLE song, was that he is not alive to see this guy ruin it. im sorry but i haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaated it. yes, he has aamzing control, but im with Mock…cats DYING and screaming. thats what i hear.
    over that stupid michael sarver guy! (who totally made me cry when he was talking about his daughter)
    i think he should go next. or adam. hate him. i love simon though, WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT>?!? hahaha that made me laugh so hard.
    ug. so pissed. alexis grace, i love you.

  • Mockarena

    meganyore- the thought of Adam Lambert advancing in this competition makes me want to puke. I hate him SO SO SO SO much.

    I can’t help it though – I like Sarver. He’s a big gentle giant and I got misty over the daughter talk too.

    I liked Alexis too, but the girls just don’t have ANYTHING on the guys this year.

    I kinda think Lil should go next, only because she sounds like about 400 other contestants that have already either won, been kicked off, or otherwise were on that show in some form or fashion. There is just nothing really captivating about her.

  • meganyore

    ew im so with you. if i have to sit through his “vocals” also known as shreeeiiiiking another week i’ll not be happy. its even gona suck when he dos get kicked off cos they will make him sing before he goes. i hate that!
    sarver is a cutie…i gotta admit, i was pissed about alexis, but he does seem like a really sweet guy. lol even tho last night in my bitterness i was screaming at the TV to let him go back to his poor sad daughter. HAHA
    i think the girls are in trouble because its all the 14 year old girls who vote.
    i think u are right about Lil, but i hope she makes it in the biz anyways. with a name like Lil Rounds, you GOTTA be famous!
    oh oh! and about Kris Allen also known (to me at least) as Freddie Prinz Jr. his bitchy wife and his crooked mouth. boy can sing but his cute face will keep him there for a while i think.