And So It Begins.


We’re down to the top 13 on American Idol.  And this is the point in the season where I get even more obsessed with the show than I already was, which I realize is unfathomable to many of you who know me personally and hear me talk about it incessantly.

I have every intention of doing my weekly recap of the performances, and for those of you who don’t care what I think about the performances, or American Idol for that matter, feel free to just skip these posts altogether.  But for those of you who DO watch the show, I want to hear your thoughts on the performances too.  So COMMENT for crying out loud.  It’s no fun just talking to myself.

Jump in for the recap of Michael Jackson night!

First of all, I am personally offended by the feathers on Paula’s dress.  They make MY neck itch.  Yuck.  And you know what?  All of those reports I have been hearing about her not being on drugs anymore?  FALSE.  There is no other explanation for the drivel that comes out of her mouth.

Lil Rounds:  The Way You Make Me Feel – Blah.  I love her mostly, but this song has approximately 3 notes in it.  She’s got a great voice, but I was bored.  I was TOTALLY with Simon on this.  

I loved that Ryan Seacrest was all, “BE CAREFUL, AMERICA, about how you dial in for contestant #13, because we have a special number for that.”  You realize of course, that it’s because the number that WOULD have made sense for the show, and would have been in sequence, is a phone sex line.  I kid you not.

Scott McIntyre: Keep The Faith – First of all, how precious is he?  You know, I was kinda thinking that he was only through to the top 13 because of how precious he is and not really for his voice, but I thought he was AWESOME tonight.  When dude gets behind the piano, he completely SHINES.  And for crying out loud he LEARNED THE SONG IN A WEEK.  I love him.  LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Danny Gokey: PYT – Love him and his giant singaholic family.  And I love that they didn’t belabor the whole “he’s a widower” storyline.  Love.  For God’s sake, just give him the contract now.  He is freaking amazing.  I would buy a CD of him singing the IRS tax code.  LOVE LOVE LOVE.  He must win this entire show.  I am an official Gokehead (and I haven’t heard anyone call Gokey fans that yet, so I should trademark it or something, right?)

Michael Sarver:  You’re Not Alone – Fabulous.  And I don’t even like this song.  It’s like watching a giant linebacker sing when he’s on stage.  It doesn’t make sense, but it’s fantastic.  Love.

Jasmine:  I’ll Be There –  Holy crap her family is gorgeous.  There’s some good genetics floating around that family.  And there’s no question that she CAN sing, but she has NOTHING on Gokey or Blind Dude or Oil Rig Guy.  The guys are far and away better than the girls this season.

Kris Allen:  Remember The Time – Did you see the place he and his wife live?  You guys, they are way too young to live so well.  I officially want him to not win because he’s already doing well.  I always go for the underdogs.   That said, this was a pretty slick arrangement of this song.  I’m not a fan of the faces he makes when he sings, but he sang well – I’ll give him that.  Did you see the look of DEATH that his wife made when Simon joked that he should have kept her secret for a couple of weeks.  YOWZA.

Allison (no idea on her last name):  Give In To Me – Ok that stuff I said about the boys being so much better than the girls this season?  She’s the exception.  Her voice is unreal for a 16 year old.  Or a 30 year old for that matter.  She’s amazing.  A. Maz. Ing.

Anoop Desai:  Beat It – His parents are PRECIOUS.  Love them.  This song was boring though.  And you know what?  Nothing he could have done to it would have made it less boring.  And it’s not that I don’t LIKE Anoop.  Because seriously – who doesn’t like someone named Anoop?  But this song was a dreadful choice.

Jorge Nunez: Never Can Say Goodbye – Here’s the thing.  We already HAVE a Marc Anthony.  We don’t need another one.  This was ok – nothing special – but we already have a Marc Anthony.  Still – it pained me to see Simon be mean to him, because it was like watching a bully kick a helpless puppy.

Megan Corkrey:  Rockin’ Robin – I’m totally not gay, but Megan’s mom is HOT.  Obviously Megan is too.  But Megan should not be permitted to dance.  Ever. I’ve not really liked her thus far, but something about this ridiculous performance was, I don’t know – endearing.  I actually didn’t mind it. 

Adam Lambert:  Black and White – Does anyone else see his resemblance to the Goo Goo Dolls lead singer?  And does anyone else find something utterly annoying about him besides me?  I mean, yes – he can sing.   And he can hit really high notes.  But I find him very annoying. I  thought he was good, but I didn’t have quite the orgasms over it that all of the judges did.  HOLY CRAP.

Matt Giraud:  Human Nature – This was nice.  I don’t know that it was much more than nice, but it was nice.

Alexis Grace: Dirty Diana – she’s pretty good.  I wasn’t wowed.

Anyway.  Jasmine’s got to go.  And she should take Marc Anthony with her.

Your thoughts?

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  • abracadebrah

    I am with you on your bottom 2. I can’t stand Jorge. I just want to hold him down and fix his eyebrows. They drive me nuts. Did you see the movie “Meet the Fockers”? Jorge reminds me of the kid that they have playing the supposed son of Ben Stiller.

    Oh and I too am a total Gokehead. Mock, if I were you, I would trademark that. It’s a great name

    And I totally don’t get the big deal with Adam. I fast forwarded through that last half of his song. I was not impressed. I told my husband I am going to have to watch him again after all that raving about him.

  • cyazdani

    I can’t help it, I love love LOVE Anoop. I know he didn’t do that great, but I LOVE him. I love Danny Gokey too, but he already has so many fans, so I’m sending all my love to Anoop.

    Also, Adam Lambert sounds like the lead singer of Rush. And I don’t think I could listen to an entire album of him.

  • Rizzle

    Danny is the best,no denying that…. but like others have said…. he’s kind of a given and everyone loves him.

    I loved Kris’s performance. He did an awesome job.

    Allison is my fave girl.

    Matt Giraud is so freakin talented. He didn’t blow me away tonight, but I think that he could be incredible.

  • tara

    I can’t help it, I love Danny Gokey. From the first audition, I was waiting for him to come back because he’s amazing. And Allison is really freaking good. I could so see it coming down to those two. But I love Megan simply for the tattoos and her personality.

  • green eyed girl

    Mock, agree on all points. Love Danny, good singer, good looking (love the glasses!), good stage presence. I actually really like Alexis too, great blues voice. I predict one of them to win.

  • meganyore

    ok im so excited about this. i thought for SURE you would Mock Paulas shirt from last night, but whatevs. there WIll be others! haha
    GOKEHEAD…yes. you. are. BRILLIANT. i love it and Imago tell my husband RIGHT NOW thats what I am. i love his family for singing his homework! HOW CUTE!
    i agree with you on pretty much everything you said!
    Danny, Alexis, Allison and Lil (LOVE her!!) and Adam I think will be the top guys. aaand i HAAAAAAAAATEEEEE adam lambert. HATE. i mean, he can sing, cant he? but GAWD i hate the sound of his voice. I would never buy anything he sang and I would change the station if I ever heard that awful shrieking of his on the radio.
    jasmine i think should just be a model and come back in one or two years. shes beautiful. so is that megan (all the prettiest girls have the name megan, i guess;o) she is so gorgeous, but im with you…should NOT be allowed to dance! i cant help but to laugh at her. tis a good things shes got a unique voice and is so pretty cos otherwise i’d be all over her like white on rice for those dance moves.

  • mlm

    Adam Lambert is a good singer, but he’s TOO polished, if you know what I mean. He’s already got a career on Broadway and it shows. It sounds like when he’s hitting the high notes, he’s trying to sound like Steven Tyler from Aerosmith. The hair and the eyeliner and the makeup and the necklaces…it’s all ICK.
    I am a total Gokehead. I’ve been calling him Robert Downey Jr this whole time, though. I think he should win, too. And why did Simon say his dancing was awful? I didn’t think it was too bad…
    I think Kris Allen is very cute, too. I think he did a good job last night. I didn’t pay attention to his backstory, though, so I didn’t get to see his house.
    And one more thing…..ANOOP-ALOOP!!