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The New YMCA


Bunny sent me this link today, and how it hasn’t swept the nation yet, I have no idea. Everyone yatta. You know you want to.


You guys – I’m gonna make an important annoucement tonight!

Don’t you totally hate it when people SAY they’re going to make an important annoucement, but then don’t actually MAKE the announcement until several hours later?


But I just wanted to tell you that you need to check back here later today, say, 8ish or 9ish EST, for the very important announcement.  🙂

Center Of Attention


There are really like 9 girls in this picture.  You can only see six, because 3 of them have  been ingested by the super fan.

This Is A Good Idea (Snort).

Guess what!  Lindsay Lohan is coming out with her own self-tanner product, called The Stay Gold Collection.  I find this hilarious, because of this

She’s the worst example of tanning know-how EVER.


Ok.  So I’m watching American Idol, as per usual, and they just showed a video montage of the most memorable moments from the last several seasons, and I have to tell you, that just now, I broke out in tears over monkey mom.  Do you guys remember Elliot Yamin’s precious sweet adorable mom? 


This was during his visit to his hometown, during which monkey mom was so incredibly touched by the turnout that she just shook her head and cried.  And I am not ashamed to tell you that I BAWLED when I watched this.  Elliott love love loved his monkey mom SO MUCH, and it was precious.

I can’t believe more of you don’t watch this show.  It’s SO GOOD.



Now before you go all, “It’s airbrushed!” on me, let me just say, “I KNOW.”   But you guys, she’s FORTY EIGHT.  She looks completely, unbelievably fabulous.  And besides, I have always loved her, and have giggled with PURE DELIGHT whenever I’ve been compared to her (not in a looks way, mind you – it’s all about the personality.)

Anyway, LOVE.  LOVE her.

Do You Know Who This Is?


Yeah – I didn’t either.  But it’s Jennifer Carpenter, who is married to Michael C Hall, who is Dexter, or for those of you who don’t watch that but watched the best show ever created for television, Six Feet Under, it’s David the gay brother from that show.

Jennifer Carpenter miiiiiight want to check into some prescription antiperspirant.

But more importantly, who here was an SFU watcher?  And how much did you love it?

Squinty McLemonSucker Flirts With David Letterman. Sits Awkwardly While Doing So.


An alert and astute mockdocker sent me a link to Renee Zellweger’s appearance on David Letterman recently, and pointed out, ever so alertly and astutely, that the way she was sitting looked really weird.  You can behold for yourself below.

You know what I noticed?  That she has a drawl, that she can’t seem to keep her hands to herself, and that she’s an obnoxious flirt.  And that I deeply dislike her.

Octomom Would Like You To Know That She Has Morals


Yeah.  Morals.  According to this, Vivid Entertainment offered Nadya Suleman a million dollars AND a health plan if she’d appear in some of their porn movies for a year.  And they were all specific about it, which is gross.  According to this, Vivid wanted Nadya to have sex in eight different scenes with eight different men.   Say it with me now.


Vivid’s CEO said, “The number eight is obviously heavily associated with her so we would like to work with that. But we would really love just to sit down and talk with her and come up with something she feels comfortable with. We want her to be involved with the whole thing from the plot line to the packaging.”

Wow.  That’s thoughtful of them.  And further the CEO said, “She’s struggling financially and this is a woman who wants to provide for her kids.  This way she can hold her head high and not be using taxpayers money to support her family.”

Yeah.  Because doing porn is synonymous with holding one’s head high (Bob – don’t even go there. :)).  Aim high, Nadya.

Anyway, Nadya was asked by Radaronline about the offer, and she said, apparently jokingly, “I think it’s kind of funny that I got offered a million dollars to make porn. Those guys at Vivid video must be nuts! Who wants to see me naked? Maybe in a year when the baby fat goes away.  Of course, if I have more kids I may have to ask for two million dollars.”

And then, when she was finished being hilarious, she said, “Seriously, though, my mum didn’t bring me up like that. Besides, what will my 14 kids think when they grow up?  Despite what people think of my methods to get pregnant, I believe in love and romance. Not cheap thrills that belittle women.”

See, you guys?  She’s principled! 


Ricky Gervais Is A “Man Of Knowledge”

Remember when I told you guys about Ricky Gervais’ letter to Obama? He discusses this as well as other topics on the Jon Stewart show.


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