Sometimes Multi-Tasking Is A Bad Idea

An alert and astute mockdocker sent me an AP article about an Ohio woman who has just been charged with child endangerment because (thankfully) an alert and astute motorist saw that she was both talking on the phone and BREASTFEEDING A CHILD while driving, and called the police.

Yeah.  But see, Genine Compton, 39, had a really good explanation.  She didn’t want to let her child go hungry.  This is what she told the cop.  The kid was hungry.

I don’t understand how cops can resist punching people in the face when they hear crap like this.  Apparently Genine actually thought she was being pulled over for breastfeeding in public.  She didn’t get that there was anything remotely wrong or dangerous about driving at speed with a child drinking from your breastular area.   While on the phone.

The worst that can happen to her is 180 days in jail and an $1,800 fine if she’s convicted of the misdemeanor.  I think her child should be given to Salma Hayek, who is obviously capable of filling in while Genine serves time.

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  • Birdie

    Uggghhh…. then when something does happen, god forbid, then it is some one elses fault for NOT telling her to do that…


  • Mikey

    The cop should be allowed to: Take this lady’s license, cut it into very small pieces, drop those pieces on the ground and proceed to grind them into the dirt with his shoe, hand her a ticket, wish her a nice life as a pedestrian.

  • mlm

    Sometimes the blatant stupidity of people amazes me. I know it shouldn’t, but it still does.

  • Buckeye Bob

    Update: I just watched a short interview with this ignorant bitch on the news. She is acting like an idiot saying she would do again and it’s her right to feed her child. She said they are usually in seat belts but this time she was hungry so she fed her. I watched this piece of garbage and wanted to throw something at the TV.

  • meganyore

    yea this kills me. I get so livid when i see people talking on the phone and driving like a jackass. thats one thing. breastfeeding your baby while driving. thats another. to be doing them at the same TIME?! what the flash has to be WRONG with you?! UCK!!

  • meganyore

    she could have just as easily PULLED OVER to feed her child!! ok im done