According to this,  Octomom Nadya Suleman has rejected an offer made by a non-profit group to provide round-the-clock nursing care to her 14 kids.  The offer also included a home in which she and her entire family could live together.  

Gloria Allred, who represents the group Angels in Waiting and who I usually can’t stand, claims that Nadya seemed much more interested in essentially pimping out her babies and doing a reality tv show.  A representative for Angels In Waiting would not agree to supporting a reality show because of the possible infections the babies could contract from having so many other people and cameras in the home.  So Nadya REJECTED THE OFFER.

So see?  She asked for this group to offer a reality show, they said it’s not good for the babies, and so Nadya naturally said no.   Just like any good mom would.  I mean, any good mom knows that the key to parenting is whoring out your kids and making a profit off of them, while at the same time robbing the taxpayers blind. 

Is there a word stronger than “hate” that I can start using about my feelings about her?  Suggestions?

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  • meganyore


  • ME

    abhorrent = disgust… which as far as I can tell this woman is the most disgusting creature on the planet.

    I’ve always wanted to see a reality show surrounding helpless little babies. What normal person wouldn’t want to see that…

  • Pris


  • rosie too

    H11…like H8 but this one goes to eleven.

  • el pato


  • ME

    why not 10?

  • http://www.outofthebroomcloset.blogspot.com MerlinDBear

    Can I get a show of hands of people who were honestly shocked by Octo’s(I can’t even call her a mother…well, I can but that’s just the first part of the word and I’m going to be polite) statement?
    What I want to know is where the hell DFACS (Department of Family and Children’s Services) is?
    Surely there has to be some sort of a law that’s being violated that would ensure all 14 of those innocents are taken away from her and put with people who would actually *CARE* for them and their wellbeing ?

  • rosie too

    “It’s one louder.”

  • Birdie

    Is there a law now saying how many kids you can have? Not that I do not agree in this case she is obviously NUTS, but what about those bible thumpers who have what like… 18 or something?

    I sure as hell do not want someone telling me, how many kids I can have…. we do NOT live in China ya know what I mean ?

    I think she feels like she MUST prove everyone out in TV land that she is fit, doing it on HER terms and no one elses…. guess we will have to wait and see huh?

  • http://themockdock.com Punky

    I’ll say the worst word ever to describe this waste of human skin….C*NT capitalized, underlined, boldfaced, italicized. I hate this woman to where my blood boils.

  • rosie too

    Oops. Meant to leave a link but it didn’t work before.


  • Mockarena

    rosie too – I totally got your reference without video. Christopher Guest is my hero.

    Punky I am right there with you. If not for the fact that I keep this website relatively free of cursing, I would pretty much label every post about Octomom with the very word you describe.

    Birdie – there’s no law – and there shouldn’t be one. But there should be some sort of law prohibiting fertility doctors to do what hers did. And there should be consequences for octomom for robbing taxpayers blind. Specifically, 90% of every dime that beast of a person makes off of her book deals and reality tv shows should be used for repaying her hospital bills and getting squared up with her debt to society. No reason that the state of CA should pay her bills while she runs off to get her next collagen injection.


  • Buckeye Bob

    No law regulating the number of children, however, we do have laws in place about child neglect and endangerment. If you bring in that many kids to the world with no means of providing for them, that’s endangering them. The state has no choice but to pay for them so the state should take them and adopt them out. The state can not take care of her kids by throwing money at her.

  • mlm


  • Birdie

    Point made …. I just get alittle erked when people start telling anyone , especially ME, who, what, where, why et. My husband may have to say how high on the way up… but not me.

    Guess I have a problem with authority ???? LOL!

  • http://themockdock.com Punky

    Did anyone see her interview with Dr. Phil? He rocked, by the way! He totally didn’t let her off easy. He got her to say it was a mistake to want even one more baby when she couldn’t provide for the six she had. That c*nt had the NERVE to tell Dr. Phil she didn’t want fame, and wanted it all to stop – yeah, like it will stop with a reality show. She has no conscience or shame.

  • Not sure

    I’m not a physician (to know the statistics of my question), or a law maker by any means, but isn’t a law against having so many children (Which I could just pull her hair out over), who potentially may have disabilities? KNOWING that this Mother is potentially intentionally bringing in children with disabilities? As if the state isn’t in a financial crisis already. Now tax payers may pay for ADDITIONAL care?

    I know, this may be a dumb question, but if she has two children at home with disabilities, the chances of having disabled children from her last litter are pretty good.

    I guess I’m still in schock that something like this happened in our day and age. It makes me ill to speak of it. How can I have such horrible thoughts about these children and this woman? She is probably the most selfish person I have ever heard about.

    This women is obviously sick.

  • Mona

    Super Mega-loathacious!!