One Way To Die Happy

An alert and astute mockdocker sent me a link to an interesting news story today, about a Russian dude who won a bet against two women who said they’d give him $4300 if he could satisfy them in a half-day sex romp.

Sergey Tuganov, 28, won the wager and then within minutes, DIED of a heart attack, reportedly from the full bottle of viagra he’d taken for the event.

I can think of worse ways to die, but just in case any of our male readers were thinking about trying this at home…


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  • green eyed girl

    There are so many things to mock here, but being a nice girl, I’ll let Bob take care of it… 😉

  • Buckeye Bob

    Ok green eyed girl,

    Like they HAD to have an open casket funeral?
    They had to bury him with his eyes open because there wasn’t enough skin left to close his eyes.

  • green eyed girl

    Exactly! Talk about a stiffy! …wait, did I say that?? 🙂

  • Mikey

    At least he won the bet, so maybe his funeral was paid for. Moderation is seldom practiced in Russia. For an average 28 year old male, 1/2 of a Viagra tab or 1/4 of 20mg. Levitra would have easily kept him “standing tall” through a half day with two girls.

  • Punky

    At least he died with stiff resolve, upright, and erect!

  • bobcat

    Did you know that dead guys stay stiff longer.

  • Birdie

    I think my husband found a new hero. ROFLMAO…. J/K of course.