OF COURSE They’re Back Together


Because who WOULDN’T want to be with someone that beats the crap out of them? 

Sigh.  Why do women do this?

And, according to People Magazine, they’re hanging out in ONE OF Sean Puffy Diddly Do Wop Combs’  houses.  You know, because where ELSE would you go if you’re reconciling with a guy who beats the crap out of you?

It makes perfect sense.

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    OMG and here I thought Rihanna was a smart young talented lady. She is EXTREMELY STUPID to go back to the a** that beat her pretty face. He WILL do it again.. they always do.

  • Jordon

    Yeah it’s pretty pathetic..we all know how this story winds up.

  • ME

    I liked Rihanna and I liked Chris Brown until this whole debacle. I have lost all respect for Chris Brown and I hoped to keep some for Rihanna. But to put yourself back with this loser does not make any sense. Maybe after the 7th time of him doing this she’ll wake up and realize how to use that umbrella.

  • Tatertot

    – She just turned 21 – where are her parents? Calling Mr. Jaime Spears!

    – P-Diddy Crap Daddy – what arrogance, if he thinks he can take this under his wing and fix things.

  • el pato

    it comes from extreme low self esteem.
    a woman who goes back to a man who knocks the
    $hit out of her usually has the opinion of herself
    that ‘this is the best i can do’.
    that or, ‘he will/i can change him’.
    never works.
    she will either end up beaten to a pulp, again,
    or dead.
    pretty sad.

  • Anonymous

    tatertot, i agree, where’s her parents?
    or her agents?!!
    who’s supposed to be watching out for her?

  • meganyore

    YES! WHERE ARE HER PARENTS! thanks guys, for bringing that up! Jaime Spears HAHA wheres HE at?!
    Chris Browns career is OVER and if RiRi isnt careful, hers will follow. people will NOT support domestic violence towards women.

  • R

    You cannot physically abuse someone until you’ve successfully mentally abused them. Think about it: If you went on a first date and the guy leaned across the table and punched you, would there have been a second date? Of course not. But if a man spends months or years degrading, humiliating, threatening, and shaming a woman–interspersed with affection, apologies, gifts, etc.–then you’ve created a woman who is ripe to forgive a beating. That must be where these two are in their relationship, back to the portion of the abuse cycle that includes gifts, apologies, promises…

  • Buckeye Bob

    Well everything is cleared up now. I don’t feel sorry for her anymore. Although all women have a choice to get away from a–holes like that, I can understand how some feel trapped. Rihanna, however is not one of those. She has all the financial security, friends, safe places to live, future, etc. and she chooses to lay down with this dog so let her live with the fleas. No sympathy here anymore.

  • Sarah

    R, you hit the nail on the head. Abuse like this is nearly always after after the woman is so mentally and emotionally degraded, that the physical is just simply another form of abuse. It is frightening the hold that men can have on women, I grew up seeing it happen with my mother. And Buckeye, money, friends and fame don’t exclude a woman from feeling trapped, especially when, as R said, he is surely wooing here and leading her to believe he changed.

  • Birdie

    I agree 100% with BEBob…. BTDT!