Nadya Suleman Talks To Jimmy Kimmel


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  • Birdie

    Hmmmm ok then. Ya know I actually feel kinda bad for her. She just loved kids THAT much to destroy there lives…. I do agree that the fertility people way over stepped but then again… who is anyone to tell anyone how many kids they can or can not have…. I dunno Catch 22 with this one I think.

  • meganyore

    i feel bad for the KIDS.
    I have a freind who LOVES this woman. Thinks shes the greatest thing since slices bread to have all these children. According to my friend, if she wants that many babies, babies are miracles and she should do what she wants regardless of being on goverment support and we should never judge someone for their personal choices. My friend thinks its perfectly OK for this woman to live off tax payers money. Needless to say….its caused some heated arguments between me and my friend. the babies are a miracle that they survived and how they were created, yes. but just because you CAN doesnt mean you SHOULD! I cant even talk to my friend without getting SO upset!

  • Birdie

    I understand Meganyore…. it is such a heated topic right now. I do feel for the kids as well, they have no choice in this whole pile of crap.

    I think if BIG governement steps in though, HUGE can of worms. I just dunno with this one.