Zit Update!

So I went to the dermatologist this afternoon.  And I’m sitting in one of the rooms, and the Nurse Practioner comes in looking at my chart, gives me just a tiny glance and keeps reading, and without looking up she says, “So why are you here today?”  So I say, “Because of THIS,” and point to the enemy on my chin.  And I’m not kidding you or exaggerating in the slightest when I say that when she looked up, her eyes widened suddenly, she moved back in her chair slightly, and said, “WOW!” as if the thing on my chin were alive and planning on going after her next.

So yeah.  Right away, I’m feeling great about this visit.

Anyway, once she gathered up the courage, she approached me with one of those welder masks that dermatologists wear to inspect my tumor more closely.  And all she kept saying, over and over, was, “Ohh – you poor thing.”

So finally, I was like, “What the hell IS that thing?  I’ve never had such an intruder on my face before.  And it hurts and it woke me up in the night.”  And she said, “Well, it’s just a really cystic blemish, and we probably need to drain it.”  And I’m thinking that I will basically do ANYTHING to get rid of this thing, so I said, “Yes, please.  Drain away.”  So she called in the actual dermatologist to come look at it, and the dermatologist reacted in the same exact way, recoiling at first and then just showering me with pity.  So she told me that if it were on my back, she’d drain it, but since it’s in a hugely obvious place on my face, she’d rather shoot a combination of antibiotic and anti-inflammatory stuff in there.  So I said, “Yes, please.  Shoot away.”

Meanwhile, I had also noticed that the intruder’s baby sister had decided to pay a visit to her older and fatter brother, and was settling in nicely right next door, on the opposite side of my chin.  I pointed this out to both the NP and doctor, and they decided they’d shoot the baby sister too.  YAY!

So when they came back with the shot, I had already made myself comfortable on the table, and they prepared me for how much it was going to hurt and sting, which it totally did, but I was seriously at a point where they could have come at me with a table knife and told me they’d need to just very slowly saw it off, and I would have been very agreeable to that.

Now I’m home, and $150 poorer because of the topical goo they prescribed me, and the constellation of cysts remains on my chin.  They told me I should see marked improvement within 48 hours.  I kind of just want to hide in my bed until they go away, but alas, tomorrow’s another work day, and I have more people to face and more humiliation to feel.

You guys, I’m practically FORTY.  Doesn’t that alone qualify me for some reprieve from this kind of hormonal nonsense?

Anyway, thanks for all the support and all of your suggestions.  I hope these shots work and that things seem less painful and less prominent tomorrow.

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  • Christine

    Did you ever think that in 48 hours it may have gone down without a visit to the doctor?

    I think you should have left baby sister alone to compare to her big sister you had treated.

  • http://www.myspace.com/dorkymcspazatron Olivia J. Snarkypants

    At least it wasn’t just your imagination and it really WAS that bad. And thankfully, they were able to help.

  • ER

    This morning before going to the dr. were you tempted to try to poke it with a sterilized pin/needle just to see if anything would come out? Or did just the thought of that hurt? It’s good you got it taken care of – I always say ‘peace of mind’ is worth something all on it’s own!

  • green eyed girl

    Been waiting all afternoon for the official word…. whew, glad it wasn’t some flesh eating thing… 😉

  • Buckeye Bob

    Mock, Just wanted to say howzit going. Keep your chin up and you’ll squeeze by. Look at the bright side, unlike your work associates, you don’t have to look at it.

  • Jordon

    Be tough Mock

  • Nancy

    I guess I won’t mention what menopause does to your skin…..I am still amazed you got into a dermatologist the same day!

  • Mockarena

    @Christine – Normally, I would totally leave zits alone, but this was a monster zit the likes of which I had never seen. And if you’d been looked at the way that Mr. Mock looked at me in the morning, you’d have gone to the doctor too. 🙂

    @ER – You know, I tried squeezing it the tiniest bit in the morning, and thought I would pass out from the pain. There was no way I was going to attack it with a needle. But somehow a doctor doing it was tolerable – I guess because I knew they were putting zit poison directly into it. It still hurt like hell though.

    @Bob – I hate you. 😀

    @Olivia, Greeneyed girl, and Jordon – thanks! 🙂

    @Nancy – I must have just sounded really pitiful on the phone this morning. Maybe they took pity on me when I told them I was trying to be presentable for work prom. 🙂

  • rosie too

    I know I’d want to get a look at the lady with a gigantic zit that was preventing her from going to work prom (for so many reasons, not the least of which is to find out what on earth is work prom?).

  • Johnny C.

    You should sooo take a picture of it after all this build-up.

  • CW

    lets see it! how about a pic?

  • sln

    Mock, I am 37 and I still keep wondering when puberty is going to stop!! I still get zits and and it drives me nuts…there’s just no justice..I should not have to deal with this anymore, neither should you!!

  • Mockarena

    I am NOT going to take a picture of this thing. I don’t want to ruin the vision of perfection that you all have of me.


    Actually, it’s because I’m so mortified that I have to see anyone in real life as it is, I don’t want to compound my humiliation by showing it to the entire internet community.


  • Sea Otter

    I’ll bet that sucker would have exploded like a volcano if you had been able to handle the pain. 🙂 The myth about squeezing zits causing scars is just that, a myth. As long as you are smart about it, i.e. making sure everything is sterile, it will actually heal faster once it is drained.

  • Nancy

    A friend of mine always put a bandaid over monsters, which I always thought drew more attention to it…

    You always hope that the doctor is a trained professional and if you start to die or something while they are poking at it, they are a trained professional….my daughter had a staph infection last fall, and the doctor recoiled in horror and grimaced at the sight, which ALWAYS make you feel you made the right decision in making an appt. Plus it is kinda fun to impress a seasoned doctor with something really gross…

  • meganyore

    god i dont know how you just left it alone. i could have a zit bleeding out my eyeball and I’d still mess with it. jeez im really sorry you had to get shots in your face tho…maan…
    i had a few moments of sympathy there for ya

  • Lyonella

    Wow, welcome to hormonal hell…40 is the new 14!
    One thing that I love: Retin-A Micro and no meat or dairy (hormones there).

  • lindsay

    OMG! Everybody who is put off by her going to the dr…come on! Wise decision. I work in the ER and when you have a skin boil/ cystic lesion/ sebaceous cyst, they can be EXTREMELY PAINFUL…and they REQUIRE medication and lansing sometimes (which can be extremely painful and then you have some relief). OR they will not heal properly if at all and you can become VERY VERY VERY ILL if the infection reaches your blood supply. WISE CHOICE! She is not talking about a normal large OMG zit…