Jessica Alba Enjoys Being Pampered


This picture makes me giggle so much.

You guys, I awoke this morning to quite possibly the largest volcano of a zit on my chin EVER.  And it’s not visible to others yet, because it’s one of those underground monster-zits, but it’s the kind of huge that I can feel when I talk or move my mouth in any way. 

This zit could seriously prevent me from going to work prom next Saturday.  I was planning on going out dress shopping for work prom this afternoon, and had already decided that if dress shopping was unsuccessful, then work prom was on the chopping block.  Now, with the added pimplocity and blemishtaciousness, work prom is looking less and less enticing to me.

I’ll tell you where I WON’T be dress shopping this afternoon, and that’s Saks.  Besides, I don’t think this kind of zit is even allowed in there.

UPDATE:  Adding a proof-that-this-is-Jessica-Alba picture to the commenter who claimed it was Lily Allen.  I mock your mock of my mock.


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  • KittyThePooka

    If you can swing the cash, try this thing:

    Reviews say it works unrealistically well, but I trust a MockDock review more than any fancy schmnancy consumer report. You can get them from target or walmart.

  • meerkat spanker

    Really! A zit could keep us from going to your work prom? If I would have know that, I would have been covering your face with cooking oil while you slept at night.

    Hey, now that you run this site, move the log in key to the top of the page. Thanks.

  • Hatchetwoman

    One remedy I’ve tried, and it does work, is to put toothpaste on the zit, even before it comes out. I’ve never tried the gel type, just the real pastes, but they do dry up the zit amazingly fast, and it leaves no mark.

  • Tim

    Pretty sure that is Lily Allen, and not Jessica Alba. I mock your mock.

  • Mockarena

    Tim – I’ve updated the post just for you. 🙂 But you’re wrong.

  • Tim

    Holy crap. I am so wrong. Jessica got a slapping with a Lily Allen ugly stick for a split second. Dang. She needs to quit that. I stand corrected…and mocked. My life is now complete.