You Know Who’s Being A Total Idiot? – Updated Again!

originally posted 8/3/08, and originally updated 8/7/08, and now updated again today, 12/30/08.

Brett Favre.  Now, I don’t claim to be an expert on what’s going on with his coming out of retirement, except for what Mr. Mock has tried to explain to me, but here’s what I have gathered so far.

Brett Favre retired, with all kinds of tearful, emotional announcements and tons of fanfare, approximately four months ago.  And now, Brett Favre is all, “Waaah!  I don’t wanna be retired!” and now he’s throwing a tantrum about wanting to be back with Green Bay.  And apparently the latest is that they have just reinstated him, but possibly only to be back up to the new quarterback (who by the way ought to be PISSED OFF at all of this nonsense) but as backup he will still earn 12 million dollars, and now there is talk that he’s going to be pissy if he’s just backup and might try to get traded, and all of it just sounds like he’s being a big fat crybaby.

I have never been a fan, (although I did totally get weepy at his tearful announcement) but now, I’m as far away from being a fan as you can be.  I’m like the polar opposite of fan.  I’m the anti-fan.  Brett Favre, you’re being a jerk, and you should learn to pronounce your last name the way it’s spelled.

UPDATE – 8.7.08:  Brett is going to the New York Jets, because the Packers are sick of him.  I hope the Jets enjoy his going in and out of retirement like 78 more times.

UPDATE – 12.30.08: Yeah.  The retirement talk is starting all over again.  And before you try to tell me that if he DOES retire, it’ll be because his shoulder has an owie, let me just point out to you that he is ALMOST 40.  Of COURSE he’s going to have owies.  And it’s not like he retired this past spring UNAWARE of how old he is.  Prior to this past Monday, Bwett (and no, that’s not a typo) told reporters that an MRI would probably determine his future plans, and that if he needed surgery, he’d retire.  Well, the MRI came back, and he doesn’t need surgery.  He’s probably totally freaking out now, what with not having a good excuse for retiring AGAIN and all.

Next up?  Lance Armstrong, who will probably re-retire since he’s about to become a dad again.  Convenient.

Everyone needs to just freaking STAY RETIRED when they retire.


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  • sbarros

    Favre was forced to retire by the Packers, he didn’t want to retire. Now he wants them to release him, but they don’t want him to go to a competative team. The Packers are the ones being the idiots.

  • Mockarena

    Do you have actual evidence to support this “forced retirement?” How does someone under contract get forced to retire, exactly?

    And, hasn’t Favre been playing the whole, “I might retire, I might not retire” game since, like, 2002? The guy is obviously incapable of making a decision. And trying to come back, four months after blubbering like a girl about leaving, just makes him look ridiculous.

  • Mikey

    Mock is right, Ole Brett is going to end up as “the man without a country”……beloved by no one, and reviled by many. His waffling game has gone on for years, and now one can only conclude that he isn’t too bright, or his head hit the turf one too many times. He retired, the Pack moved on, and now he has put team management in a nearly no win situation (with no means to justify it). I liked Brett win he played, but what he is doing now is ill-considered and just plain goofy.

  • Olivia J. Snarkypants

    You know what the best part about not having a (grown) man live with me? No sports on my television. Just me, my son, and 52″ of Spongebob.

    It’s time to just bow out. You can’t come back after a dramatic exit. You just can’t.

  • Dani

    I love Brett Favre. I’m sorry, I just do. I’m not even a Packers fan, but there are so many great moments in his career and I have to respect him. I mean really, he beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl, and there was that amazing Monday Night Football game the day after his father died. He even had the Raiders fans in his corner. RAIDERS fans!! He always seemed more down to earth than 90% of the other players, and I loved him for that.

    That being said, I also understand why people are upset. He did retire, and since he is a public figure, everyone knew about it and they were moved by his emotions and obvious love for the game. However, he has a right to change his mind. Many players have done it in the past, and many more will do it in the future. Not only that, but active players throw hissy fits all the time. It disrupts the team and is the same thing in my book. If I hear one more pro sports player complain that they “can’t” live off of $12 million a year, I am going to scream. Try living off less than $40,000. See how much you like that.

    As far as I know, he is still worth quite a bit of money, and the Packers can still make out well if they decide to trade him, which is pretty much a given at this point. IMO, the biggest issue is the media attention surrinding the whole thing, and I do feel bad for Aaron Rodgers. That’s my $0.02, for what it’s worth…

    I also apologize for such a long comment. I didn’t realize I had so much to say until I started typing.

  • sbarros

    I got the forced retirement news from And I am not really surprised, last year Packers changed coaches and management and practically the whole team. I mean only a few players weren’t rookies. And Favre can still play at his age, which is remarkable. The media is blowing things way out of proportion like they do with everything. Let the player, the league, and the team just work it out. Favre didn’t want to leave, why do you think he was so tear jerky about it. And I don’t feel sorry for Aaron. In case you missed that hoopla, he has been very degrading to the Packers fans. I will support Brett, wherever he goes. He is truly a great player. Yes, I have a man at home, but I watch more football than he does and I fill him in on league stats, etc. It is the only sport I watch besides figure skating and the Olympics. I know that seems weird to be a woman and a true football fanatic. But it is more that I like particular players than teams. Favre, Roethlisberger, Hines Ward, and there are others. Some I can’t stand. Like Peyton Manning. Ewww. Way over rated.

  • Mockarena

    I can’t even begin to have a reasoned debate with someone who disparages Peyton. Someone else will have to step in.

  • Dani

    I hear you sbarros. I am a HUGE football fan, and I have always been a Favre fan. He is real. He has faults and has experienced heartache, and we were all along for the ride. I felt like he always handled his business with class. Also, when you see footage of him on the sidelines, he is hilarious. He always played like a little kid, like it was a game and he was having fun doing it. He never lost the passion, which is another reason why I love him.

    As for Aaron Rodgers, I did not know that he has been degrading to Packers fans. That is very disrepectful, especially in a town where football plays a huge role. It is my goal to make it to a game at Lambeau Field one day. It is such a great place and I hear wonderful things about the fans.

  • Dani

    Also, if we are talking about football players that we can’t stand, Tom Brady and Jason Taylor jump immediately to mind. I am also not a fan of the Manning brothers, but the Colts and Giants don’t bother me as much as the Patriots. I consider that organizatio the root of all evil. I can’t think of one person associated with that team that I would consider a decent person. Ugh!

  • sbarros

    You know what sucks, living in New England and hearing everyone rave about the Patriots and the Red Sox. Can’t stand either….

    And Mock, I’m sorry I don’t like the colts. If it helps, my neighbor is from Indiana and is a colts and patriot fan and I still like her…

  • sammie

    Ok Mock, I am here to save the day. Actually, I am shocked to see so many people (a) defending Favre and (b) who don’t like Peyton! I have never followed Favre but by all accounts he was a class act and a talented player. HOWEVER, what has transpired in the past few weeks with his un-retiring has really turned me off. Olivia was right – you cannot go out with a bang and then step back in to the ring. Yes there are others who have done it but that doesn’t make it right. It just looks bad. And 100% self-serving.

    As for Peyton Manning, well, he is above reproach. I can’t really add anything to that.

  • sbarros

    Story on this morning shows that the Pack is taking Favre back and even allowing him to take the QB position. They admit that forcing him to retire may have been a mistake. Thousands of FANS greeted him in Green Bay in a severe storm. The Packers is the only NFL team owned by the FANS and Green Bay finally listened to the fans. Even though the management wanted to take the team in a new direction, they admit they were making a mistake. The fans wanted Favre to play, Favre wanted to play. I don’t see what the problem is. Let the man play.

  • Dani

    I agree, let the man play! Fans play a bigger role than most people give them credit for, and they can make a team miserable if they really want to. Especially in Green Bay, because like you said, the team is owned by the fans.

  • mlm

    To all the women football fans commenting here–Way to Go! I, too, am a woman football fan, although I have been following college football a little more closely for a few years. College teams and the Dallas Cowboys.(and the NHL–Go Stars!) But I also have been a fan of Brett Favre for many years. He DOES have fun like a kid out on the field and truly enjoys the game. I agree–he had a great year last year, let him play if he wants to play! If he starts to have a bad year, then replace him with Rodgers.
    My husband cannot STAND Tom Brady and I’m not too fond of him either, but he is REALLY easy on the eyes, right ladies!

  • Punky

    I am also a female football fan. At the risk of being savagely booed, my teams are the Cowboys, and the Steelers. I miss Bill Cowher as a coach – he was so fun to watch, turning purple while yelling, and the gum flying out of his mouth! I do enjoy watching the Patriots and the Colts play, and yes, Tom Brady is definitely easy on the eyes! I just don’t like that the Patriots were caught cheating, and no real punishment happened. Totally unfair for the rest of the teams. I’m not naive, I know the other teams cheat too, but when you get caught, you should be punished for it. As far as Favre is concerned, I don’t see why he shouldn’t be allowed to play. He’s going to look stupid for retiring and coming back, but it’s his problem. Usually what happens to these guys that retire on a high note, and come back, they end up getting hurt, or losing the Superbowl and going out on a low note instead. I also think no one that throws a ball for a living should make more than a brain surgeon!

    Geez, I didn’t realize I had so much to say about the subject until I got started! Sorry for the rant!

  • Dani

    I’m happy to see all the female football fans too! Don’t feel bad Punky, I am a Jets fan. I get so much crap for it, but I am loyal, and I respect anyone else who feels the same way about their team. Cowher was always fun to watch. No one could ever accuse him of lacking passion for the game!

    As for Tom Brady, I just can’t like him. He isn’t even good looking to me anymore because I know how much of an ass can be. The world saw it after he walked off the field after the Super Bowl before he had to congratulate the Giants. There is so much bad blood between the Jets and Patriots that I don’t know if it can ever be fixed. We were rivals before, but it is out of control now. It might get better once Belichick leaves New England, but I don’t know. I actually used to have fun with the Pats fans because generally speaking they were decent people who knew their football. Not anymore…

  • Mikey

    Sbarros….The Packers aren’t “letting him take the quarterback position”, they said that there will be an open competition with Aaron Rogers to determine who the starter will be. There were no takers for a trade because the other teams know what the Packers management also knows……at the end of this season it will likely be another “what will he do” protracted drama/saga that will be a distraction that no team wants.

    And what, pray tell, could cause someone to dislike Peyton Manning??!

  • Mockarena

    Sbarros – Can you link me to the part where they say that “forcing him to retire was a mistake” – I’m too lazy to try and find it, but really really want to see what you’re talking about.

  • amanda

    His name spelling and pronunciation have irritated me from day one. I’ve always pronounced his last name Fav-ree

  • Buckeye Bob

    Yeah Punky, How bout them Cowboys?
    As far as Favre goes, he was not forced to retire. He decided, finally, to retire with two years left on his contract. The team actually wanted him to stay. Brett has tarnished his own reputation now by being the “bad” guy in all this. After the team had to make adjustments to play without him he comes back and says “I changed my mind” Thats B.S. The team should eat the money and make him sit for the next two years. After all, he did retire.

  • Dame Aufschneider

    This morning when my hubby yelled at the TV from the living room, “THE JETS?!?!?!!”, I responded in song from the bathroom, “Brett Favrey and the Jetsssssss”

    He was not amused.

  • SnarkyBritches

    It was either the Jets or the Eagles.

    Green, you know. Sets off his eyes…. (bleagh)

  • mcinfla

    Not only was he not forced to retire, the Packers talked to him before the draft to be sure he was retiring and he said he was! I love the picture with the tears flowing…

  • Mikey

    Like I said earlier…….A Man Without a Country.
    -Leaving on bad terms with the Packers to go into the teeth of the most ruthless fans in the universe. This has “bad idea” written all over it.

  • Dani

    Most ruthless fans? I think it’s a tough place to play because of the media and everything, but as a Jets fan, I would not call us ruthless. We are very passionate and definitely have an opinion, but if we’re talking ruthless fans I think Philly and Oakland, not New York.

    I’m reserving my judgment on all of this. I don’t know what went on behind the scenes, and I am giving Brett the benefit of the doubt. Right now I am worried about actual football, not off the field drama. That being said, I am sad that Chad Pennington is gone. You want to talk about a class act, that man is a perfect example. He is a total team first guy who would shoulder all the blame for anything. Too bad he had those shoulder injuries. I guess it is true that nice guys finish last…

  • Mikey

    Dani……only a Jets fan could try to put lipstick on this pig of a situation. NYC is the toughest market for players because of the fans expectations and the media. Favre will has a lesser supporting cast than he had in Green Bay, and he has to learn a new system…..I’m guessing that the fans in NY aren’t going to wait long for gray haired Brett’s learning curve catch up. At his age, he has to win NOW, and if the Jets don’t improve dramatically from last year, bringing Brett to NY will be deemed a fiasco.

  • sbarros

    I am searching for Jets vs Pats tix for 11/13 in Foxboro. Any offers? One of my bucket list items was to see Favre play and I may finally get my chance. As for the Pack, they did what they had to and Favre did what he had to. I am just happy he didn’t end up with the Bucs. Now I have to get a new shirt. Oh, and I have been looking for that article, but I have to be a member of to pull up archives. But I’ll get it and prove to you that first Favre said it and then the Pack acknowledged it: forced retirement. New management wanted to move in a new direction. I don’t care if you all don’t believe me.

  • sbarros,2933,384601,00.html

    I did find this interview…this is where it all began. Note that the forced retirement issue is still low key in this interview, but Brett mentions that they wanted to go in a new direction and management wanted his answer right at the end of the season when he was tired and needed a break. A lot of politics were going on at the Packer camp.

    Sadly, this goes on with every player on every team. But because Favre is such a remarkable player, its headlines on a daily basis. He cried when he retired because he really didn’t want to stop playing.

    Well, its over now. He is off to the Jets. I’ve already reset my TiVo!

  • Dani

    Honestly, it isn’t going to be hard to improve over last season…when the team went 4-12. We also might not have many huge names, but we have a lot of talented players. Coles, Cotchery, Harris, Revis, Rhodes, and Washington to name a few. I think it will be okay. Maybe I’m being optimistic, but that’s the kind of fan I am. I have to be as a Jets fan! No use in putting anyone down when what I think doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things anyway.

  • Peppercorn

    Sorry I’m coming in kinda late to this conversation, but wasn’t this the SECOND time Fav-ray retired? Didn’t he tearfully walk off into the sunset in 2006 too? Did I dream that?

    I used to be a Favre fan, and I still think he’s one of the greatest quarterbacks of our time. But I lost respect for him — not for crying or anything but for weenieing out on his convictions. My husband thinks Favre didn’t want his last pass to be an interception. If that is, indeed, any part of this, to Brett, I say, “C’set la vie; Que sera, sera; suck it up.”

    By the way, I’m a girl football fan who thinks Tom Brady looks like a child molester. Give me Drew Brees any day, and while you’re at it, throw in Adam Vinatieri. Yum.

  • Mockarena

    I don’t disagree that the team “wanted to go in a new direction.” They probably wanted to go in a direction which allowed them to actually proactively build the team instead of listening to Brett waver about retirement on a daily basis.

    Or, I guess in Brett’s case, that’d be “wavre”. 😀

  • Wiggity

    Not to change the subject, but…can’t wait to see the Colts get totally spanked by the Chargers on Saturday.

    Sing it with me now..


  • Daisy

    Is he CRYING? REALLY? There’s no crying in FOOTBALL! Chrissake…strap on a set, dude.

  • R

    Singing with you, Wiggity…

    I’m not a fan of individual ball players as a rule, but that LT rocks. He did so many wonderful things behind the scenes when we were evacuated for the fires in October of 07. And the things he did for the emergency crews… Class act.

  • Jordon

    Jet are a lousy coached team with an owner( Woody Johnson) who hasn’t figured out how to run an NFL franchise yet. With Mangini out (way too young to coach at this level) and a truly smart new head coach, Brett’s got one more good season in him…besides he can’t retire intil I get chance to see him play – I did not get the opp this year:-)

  • sbarros

    hey Jordon, i’m with ya, no retirement until i get to watch him play…missed out on the foxboro op and missed out again last weekend (but i was in the general area)
    i am probably the only new englander that is soooo happy that the pats did not make the playoffs.

  • ErinnR

    Peyton rocks. Period.

    Now his brother Eli…. doesn’t he remind you of the “special” kid everyone made fun of in jr high? (mean but true!)

  • Sarcasmic

    I’m a packer fan who LOVED Brett. Past-tense. I’m shocked by his behavior this year. The whole saga is werid, to those who think that he was “forced” into retirement. That is a load of crap. For years he has had the packers wrapped around his finger, and he knowingly took advantage of that. The constant will I or won’t I is not only unfair to the team but the fans as well. This year his playing wasn’t the same and his has become so arrogant. This whole retirement process has only stroked his already inflated ego. Just read an interesting story about the opinions of his teammates on the Jets. If he expects the same treatment when he retires again this winter, I think he’s really mistaken.

  • okay…

    I’m in total agreement Sarcasmic.
    Brett has ruined his legacy.

  • Dani

    I honestly don’t know who is to blame for the collapse of the Jets, but I think it was a combination of a few things. There was a time during the season when they were on like a 6 game winning streak, which included beating the only undefeated team in the NFL. After that, it was all downhill. I can’t say for sure what happened, but it strikes me as very odd that a team on such a high (some were calling them the best team in the AFC) could go on such a slide. I think some of it was poor coaching, I think some of it is a crappy owner, (I HATE you and your PSLs Woody Johnson) and I think some of it is that their heads got too big. I mean they ended up 9-7, which generally isn’t a bad record, but it’s pretty bad after starting 8-3. I think Brett is going to retire and they are going to go with the other Brett (Ratliff) next year. I don’t regret Favre coming to NY because when he was good, he was really good. I just think it was a bad idea because now, all people are going to remember was that crappy last year he played in NY. I said earlier in this post that I would wait and see how things worked out before making any judgments, and like I said, I don’t hate that he came here, but it was probably best for him that he stayed retired. Hindsight is always 20-20 though.

    Jordon and sbarros – I got to see him play last week against the Dolphins. Oh what fun it was hearing “Let’s Go Dolphins” resonate through the stadium. However, I would SO much rather see the Dolphins go to the playoffs than the Patriots. I’m pretty sure Bill Belichick is the human form of the devil. I also think that it will be over for the Dolphins on Sunday. I love Chad Pennington, but he is just not a Superbowl QB. I predict a Steelers/Panthers Superbowl, but we’ll see…

  • Jordon

    ErinnR Eli’s got a ring baby, that makes him a “special kid” alright! Dani, while I really like your predictions, the Giant’s are going back, they almost beat the Redskins (who won their division) last week with scrubs, an amazingly deep team. And Sbarros I actually feel kind of bad for New England fans this year as the Pats were playing some of the best football in the league–I don’t know there is something strange about getting eliminated from the playoffs with an 11-5 record, ending your season on like a five game winning streak.

  • Erinn

    Peyton’s gotta ring too baby! Two years ago defeating Chicago!

  • Dani

    It is strange to get eliminated from the playoffs at 11-5, and it’s a testament to how strong the AFC is in comparison to the NFC. The NFC has 2 really good teams. The AFC has like 8 really good teams. I just can’t feel sorry for the Pats though. As they say, karma is a bitch…

  • sbarros

    Dani…it will be Steelers and someone else and my team pick there is the Steelers. Although I will follow Favre to any team, I am truly a Steeler fan, Terrible Towel in hand.

  • Jordon

    By-th-way, I meant Vikings (who won their division), not Redskins!