Jennifer Aniston Is Eloquent.

So in a recent interview, Jennifer Aniston had this to say about John Mayer, her sperm donor du jour:

He’s a rare one. He is extraordinary and it is wonderful to watch him… the way his brain works and the way he thinks thoughts… it’s beautiful.”

I actually genuinely like Jennifer Aniston, but….really?  The way he thinks thoughts?  Seriously?

Translation: “He seems like he has healthy sperm.”

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  • Nancy

    he gives me the impression he thinks he is totally fabulous….i don’t get it…..

  • scheckel1954

    any guy who wears these ‘pocket protectors’ is
    a douche. case in point, this guy and jim carrey.

  • Cynical Saint (The Commenter Formerly Known as The Anonymizer 3000)

    Dude could stand to get a boy-zilian.

  • Rachel

    For the record, Jim Carrey was wearing his girlfriend’s (Jenny McCarthy) bathing suit, not a “pocket protector.” Just saying…

  • wordwych

    If sperm is what she’s after, she really should forbid him from wearing this type of…um, garment (?). Not only does he look like a total douchebag (and what kid wants to look back at photos of dear ol’ Dad in THIS thing??), but it’s a well-known fact that Mr. Happy’s luggage produces more plentiful and healthier sperm when not compressed against the body.

  • scheckel1954

    what these guys have in these ‘things’ can fit in a
    pocket protector.
    (girlfriends ‘bathing suit’ or not)
    just saying….

  • KeraLys

    I dunno why the movie Borat came to mind…

  • Dani

    John Mayer is one of my least favorite people on this planet. That’s saying a lot considering the amount of douchey people that roam the earth. I’m just sayin’…