Marilyn Manson Is A Freak

I have always always always hated Marilyn Manson. I hate those creepy contacts he wears, and I hate his stupid fat red lips, and I hate his disgusting gothiness.  But you know who he looks like in this picture?  The goth version of Napoleon Dynamite.  And his new girlfriend looks like someone took Rumer Willis and Jennifer Love Hewitt and fused them together and then gothified the resulting person.


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  • MerlinDBear

    Ummm… is the girlfriend even old enough to be allowed to drink? I also wonder if her parents know she’s out on a school night?

  • jenn

    They must save a lot of money by buying only black eyeliner, mascara, and red lipstick.

  • sbarros

    which one is a man? (jk-i know) hey, can someone tell me how to add a pic to my comments?

  • rosie too

    sbarros, if you’re talking about an avatar, here you go:

    Obviously have not done it myself, so have no actual info for you.

  • elizabeth.

    You’d think he could afford to buy her better boots. Those look like they probably came from payless.

    And a hairbrush, too.

  • wordwych

    Eeew – two of my most hated people in one post – Marilyn Manson and Napoleon Dynamite.

  • Nancy

    I totally agree – he does look like the goth version of Napoleon Dynamite!!!

  • ER

    I never did understand the goth look. Being ‘close’ to Seattle it was very popular and very disturbing!

  • David Baker

    Hey,leave Marilyn alone.
    He’s broken down a lot of musical barriers…not to mention cultural.
    Just LISTEN to any of his songs,and you’ll hear someone deeply upset and motivated to do something about all the disgusting things the American culture cherishes…Coma White,for example.
    Try not to bash someone because of their looks…you’re not Prince (or Princess) charming,either.
    Judging someone by their looks is shallow,and lame.

  • jenn

    Um…ok. This still *is* the mockdock, right?

  • ER

    David, are you new?

  • rosie too

    Marilyn Manson has worked really hard to create an image that is provocative and disturbing. I think he’d be awfully disappointed if no one noticed after all that effort. Much like a teenager. And we are happy to do our part by mocking it.

    BTW I actually am Princess Charming…descended through the royal line of Charmings on my mother’s side and the House of Winsome on my father’s. Just thought you’d like to know.

  • amanda

    He makes me want to go to church. Right NOW.
    I also love the fact that he has no eyebrows. To me, this calls for an OJ Simpson worthy HAAAA-HAAAA.

  • Cynical Saint (The Commenter Formerly Known as The Anonymizer 3000)

    Mechanical Animals is a damn fine rock album. His material prior was mostly for the woe-is-me goth crowd, and the material since had been rather meh.

    I think MM is one of those personas who was necessary to define a certain snippet of culture & time. He was perfect for 1998. Kinda like how the Spice Girls defined the same period, but in a completely different way.

    But once his little era was over, he got fat, lost his creative punch, and now just kinda hangs out with nothing better to do.

  • Hatchetwoman

    David Baker — Unclear on the concept.

  • Mona

    The look on her face SCREAMS “Please save me, this guys has no eyebrows!”

  • Buckeye Bob

    New rules Can’t make fun of stupid looking people. We have evidently offended someone. (I knew this was going to happen)Now I can’t say that Marylyn Manson’s one ugly dude. Mock, you must change the name and concept of your site. It’s all your fault, see what you started. You should have known you were judging people by their looks which is shallow and lame.
    Yours Truly,
    Buckeye Bob aka Prince fu$%ing Charming
    PS Shout out to my sis Rosie too

  • Misanthropia

    It’s funny that anyone who would talk trash on any website regardless of the topic, would think their opinion hold any merit. I personally could care less what anyone thinks about anyone, especially people online I will never meet who may as well not even exist as far as I could give a shit. I hope the end of the world comes soon because their are far too many people in this world, we could stand to lose a few billion.
    Save the world, eat a bullet for breakfast.

  • LaterGator

    Misanthropia… has anyone ever told you that you’re really redundant?

  • (S)aint

    Ok like seriously somone speaks there on mind, and expresses there on since of style and they get bashed. while you ppl are realy sorry. I personlly think Manson is an artist he is by far the greatest of his generation.Its @ucking Mobscene

  • Mockarena

    Written like a true Manson fan.

    Good job. Particularly on the spelling.

  • jojo

    wow. pray for those two people.

  • markie

    what the fuck are u assholes that defend these ppl even doing on this site?? jesus christ go to fucking or something homos!

  • Ryan

    This guy looks fucking gay.

  • Creepy McSteezerson

    its really no wonder this shitshow of a “blog” didnt gain popularity. your layout is fucking DISGUSTING. And i mean content wise youre just shit LOL

  • Creepy McSteezerson

    i dont think youve listened to his music much LOL. He did go through a rough patch – that I will agree with. But he’s back mother fucker.

  • Mockarena

    HA HA HA HA HA HA! Or, it might be because this blog hasn’t been updated in over a year, and we’re enjoying wild successes over at the one we spend our time on. (