Ha Ha!!

Mariah Carey looks like a big giant bag of swollen ass in this photo.  

I Hate Mariah Carey = Mockdock posts photo of her looking like a big giant bag of swollen ass (in case you’re new here).

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  • http://www.outofthebroomcloset.blogspot.com MerlinDBear

    There’s another reason to hate on her… apparently she’s spawning.
    Be afraid, be very afraid.

  • Mona

    No wonder she only likes to be photographed from the right side. It looks like she had a stroke on the left…

  • http://www.meatlovingvegan.wordpress.com elizabeth.

    You are so right, Mona!

    Her left eye is all droopy and she’s using her hair in an attempt to cover it!

  • wordwych

    Merlin, really? She’s going to reproduce? Say it ain’t so!

  • AmericanBridgetJones

    I heard she left a famous OB GYN’s office carrying a sonogram pic and looking happy.

  • tep1031

    I think her and Nicole Kidman use the same Botox doc.

  • Catherine

    I agree with Mona! What is up with her eyebrows? And her face sorta just flows into her neck…