Yes. I Will Need To See This.

Cannot wait. You know who I think is kinda hot? That Bradley Cooper guy. Most of the time he plays a total jerkface, and 99.9999% of the time I’m never attracted to blondes, but he looks kinda hot in this. Plus, the whole thing looks good.

You guys, I have news. I’m waiting for a few youtube downloads to finish up, and then I will post the BIG NEWS.

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  • jenn

    There’s a lot of big names in this – I’ll see it b/c Ben Affleck’s in it…

  • rosie too

    BIG NEWS? Could Robbie Williams be going on tour??

  • Leroy

    Im definitely gonna see it any way but if I wasnt going to, I would have gone to see it based solely on Drew Barrymore’s closing line…

  • DM

    I agree Leroy, that closing line from Drew made me laugh as it is so true. So for sure will see the movie.

  • Daisy

    I read this book, then passed it on to a friend of mine who dated a dude for 5 years that could never commit to her. She subsequently read it, too, and then dumped him immediately. This book is pure genius, as it hooked even cerebral-type women into spending hard-earned money on it, when it’s just pure common sense. Why is it that you never see a man buying a book about a woman not being so much into him?

    Sorry. Way too feminazi for a Monday morning, huh?

  • Seth

    My girlfriend read this book and it helped her in the dating world. She said that is why she is with me because it opened her eyes to dating. We will also see this movie, partly because Ginnifer Goodwin is adorable.

  • mlm

    I also think Ginnifer Goodwin is adorable! (I just can’t remember where I’ve seen her) I never read the book, but the movie does look good…