In Case You Care.

Here’s Britney performing on XFactor in the UK this weekend.

When she tours, I don’t think she should be allowed to call it a concert. It’s not. It’s just her dancing to all of her own songs. If she ever ever ever ever sings live ever, there should be some sort of national holiday created in her honor or something, just because it would be so completely out of the ordinary.

I hate myself for loving this song so much.

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  • Christine

    Some people aren’t skilled enough to dance and sing live at the same time.

  • PorcelaineDiva

    I don’t think that she can even sing when she isn’t dancing. All of her songs sound so “manufactured” like her voice was run through so many filters and layers to create the final product. Even though I can’t stand her, I am strangely addicted to her new song and I think that Mock is to blame, because the only reason I ever listened to it was because Mock put it up, and I am addicted to themockdock đŸ™‚

  • cyazdani

    If you search YouTube, you can find clips of her singing live into her supposedly dead mic while the track plays and she dances (I guess somebody recorded the feed from her headpiece). And it sounds BAD. I mean, I know nobody can dance and run around on stage like she does and sing perfectly, but it really sounds horrible. But I love her anyway.

  • cyazdani
  • Leroy

    OMG im lauging so hard I might have peed my pants a little